Mobile Legends Guide to Get Free Skins

Some players say that skins don't win the game. But does it really not?


With the overall addition of visual pleasure and slight boost to heroes' stats, a lot of Mobile Legends players seek different ways in order to obtain various different skins. And the fastest way to get their hands on these prestigious skins is through diamonds, which are very hard to acquire and quite expensive. Since not all players have the money to buy diamonds, this guide will provide you a number of different ways on how to obtain skins, without buying or topping up diamonds.

1. Lucky Spin​

Try your luck at the Shop's Lucky Spin. Each player has a free spin available for every 48 hours or 2 days. Each succeeding spin will require a lucky ticket until the free spin has been refreshed. You have a chance to win the grand prize of a featured hero's skin, but if not, there are other different prizes such as emblem fragments, battle points, magic dusts, and skin-trial pack. You can also win Lucky Gem Fragments which can be used to redeem a skin from the Lucky Shop.


2. Skin Fragments

Skin Fragments are another type of currency used in Mobile Legends, aside from tickets and battle points, which can be acquired through different methods such as lucky spin, daily logins, and daily missions. These fragments can be used to exchange free skins in the Fragments Shop. There are two types of skin fragments: Premium Skin Fragments and Rare Skin Fragments. The premium skins shop can contain skins up to Elite tier, while the rare skins shop mostly contains normal skins.

Depending on the skin you want, you'll need around 75-250 fragments. The shop also updates new skins so you can put these fragments aside and wait until the skin you want becomes available at the shop.


3. Daily Login Rewards​

Diligent players who login everyday can claim their in-game rewards. The daily login rewards contain magic dusts and battle points, as well as skin trial cards and skin fragments. As said earlier, you can save these skin fragments and trade them for the skins you want at the Fragment shop.


4. Mobile Legends Events​

A lot of times, the game hosts certain events that gives away free permanent skins. As long as you login everyday and complete the tasks, you have a chance to obtain the featured skin. Always keep an eye out on the events tab to check out the different fun and exciting events to participate in.


5. Ranked Rewards at the End of Season​

Another simple way to get free skins is by simply playing Ranked games and grinding up the ranked ladder. In addition to tickets and battle points, players who end the season with a Master rank or above are rewarded with a Season Exclusive Skin. These skins are time-limited and are permanent. A season usually lasts for 3 months, so if you want that skin, you better start increasing your rank!


6. Livestreaming​

Through the livestreaming feature of Mobile Legends, you can obtain free diamonds. If a lot of players watch and enjoy your live stream, they can gift you diamonds which you can then use to buy skins. There are also several live streaming events hosted by Moonton and other Mobile Legends players where they giveaway skins for free. Through the Live tab, check out who is currently live and watch their streams to get a chance of winning free skins.


7. Join Free Giveaways by the Community​

The Mobile Legends community is very wide and a lot of them host various tournaments and giveaways. An example of this is the "Mobile Legends - Community Heroes" which is committed to hosting small-scale tournaments and giveaways to Mobile Legends players. You can join and follow this community to stay updated.

8. Ask Gifts from friends​

This is probably the most difficult method. But if you have generous friends with spare diamonds, you can ask them to gift you a skin or two!