Mobile Legends Guide to Reach Mythic Easily with Kaja

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    He was born a King! It's his destiny to dominate the sky! Kaja's all-new epic skin "Skyblocker" is waking up soon! Take a sneak peek at it!

    Hero Specialty:
    No one escapes the Nazar King! A solid gank and an effective support hero who can easily displace enemy units.



    Passive: Wrath Sanction

    Kaja protects the Celestial Palace and achieves Wrath Sanction every 6 seconds. His next basic attack will send a lightning to enemies, dealing Magical Damage equal to 150(+80%Total Magic Power) points plus 7% of target's Max HP. The lightning will hit the enemies nearby as well (up to 5 times).

    Skill 1: Ring of Order

    Kaja releases a Ringed Electric Blade that quickly expands and contracts. Any nearby target touching on it will take 180 / 220 / 260 / 300 / 340 / 380 (+70%Total Magic Power)points of Magical Damage and be slowed down by 40%. Each damage dealt to the enemy units will reduce the cooldown of Wrath Sanction by 2 seconds.

    Skill 2: Lightning Bomb

    Kaja increases his movement speed and leaves a lightning bomb every 0.5 seconds at his current spot. When enemy units touch the lighting bomb, they will take 270 / 320 / 370 / 420 / 470 / 520 (+90%Total Magic Power)points of Magical Damage. Up to 6 lightning bomb exist at the same time. The damage decays when dealt to the same target by the bombs.

    Ultimate Skill: Divine Judgment

    Kaja disables and pulls in an enemy hero for 2 seconds, dealing 360(+150% Total Magic Power) magical damage and stealing 15 Armor and 10 Magic Resistance from them. Kaja gains 2 times the stolen Armor and Magic Resistance.



    Recommended Emblem: Support
    • 3 pts for Mov Spd and Hybrid Regen
    • Use Focusing Mark or Pull Yourself Together Talent.
    Recommended Spell: Flicker

    Recommended Items:
    • Demon Shoes - he consumes a lot of mana since you should be spamming your skills
    • Necklace of Durance - this is a natural item for Kaja unlike for other heroes that this item is situational. The passive is perfect for him since Kaja is a support. The Magical Lifesteal, Magic Power and the Cooldown Reduction makes it more perfect to be Kaja's Core Item.
    • Fleeting Time - to spam ultimate skill
    • Ice Queen Wand - to give increase your slow debuff capacity
    • Shadow Mask - to conceal yourself and your allies while gaining movement speed. This will help you to cast your ultimate skill with a higher success rate.
    • Immortality - to give you a second chance to help your teammates win teamfights.
    Note: These are only suggestions. They are not the perfect item set in every situation so be sure to learn how to build items depending on a certain situation.


    Tips and Tricks
    1. Keep in mind that your first skill gives you an ability to slow enemies.
    2. Prioritize leveling skill 1 over skill 2
    3. You use skill 2 to dash through walls
    4. Prioritize targeting marksman or mage or assassin in teamfights by using your ultimate skill.
    5. Use your skill 2 after ultimate skill to pull the target to a farther location but nearer to your teammates.

    Rotation Guide

    Normally, Kaja is either go to midlane or bottom lane.

    In midlane, help your carry hero to reach level 4 quickly. Buy roam item, help the carry to secure the buff and get crab in the top lane.

    As a bottom lane Kaja, hide in the bush in front of the crab for more map vision. Stay there to guard your carry hero while the carry is getting the jungle monster and clearing wave. Signal your lane partner when you are going to steal the crab from the enemy. After getting the crab, you may help your lane partner to get the midright buff.

    Did you learn anything new because of this guide? You might have other tips and tricks in mind so please kindly leave a comment below.

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