Mobile Legends Guide - Uranus Best Build Discussion

Uranus is now considered as the best offlaner in professional tournaments. He might be originally classified as a tank but his abilities are discovered to be most effective to use as an offlaner.

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Before we discuss the best items for Uranus, here are first the recommendation for his spell and emblem configuration.

Spell: Execute/Purify

Use Purify when the enemy team has a lot of hard crowd control skills. Otherwise, use Execute.

Emblem: Support Avarice Talent

As an offlaner, Uranus will tend to trade damage with the enemy thus he can abuse this talent. Put 3 points to Movement Speed and Hybrid Regen.

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Here are the recommended items for Uranus:

1. Warrior Boots

This is a physical defense item. Most offlaners are physical damage type fighters that is why this is the commonly used boots. You may still switch this item to Tough Boots if you think that you will lack Magic Defense and you are not using Purify as a battle spell.

2. Enchanted Talisman

This is a cheap magic item that provides some HP and Magic Power. The most important stat here is actually the 20% CDR. This has a perfect combination with the Avarice Talent.

3. Brute Force Breastplate

This is mainly a physical defense item. But this item's passive also provide some magical defense and movement speed. Uranus can easily trigger the passive of this item and is also considerably cheap. That is why this is one of the best items for Uranus.

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4. Oracle

This is his main magical defense item. This also provides HP and CDR. The passive of this item is perfect also for Uranus because it enhances the HP Regen of Uranus along with his shield. This is always seen in every build of Uranus.

The next items will be situational, meaning, it can be customized based on the preference of the player.

5. Immortality

The passive of this item is useful in a way that when enemies already used many skills on you, it can be a go signal for your teammates to counter attack since the enemy skills are on cooldown. You will be revived thus giving you a chance to escape or even simply just regenerate your health back by using your passive.

6. Antique Cuirass

The passive of this item reduces the damage output of the enemy. It affects the attacker's physical attack and magic power. Quite similar with Brute Force Breastplate but with a higher cost. Yet, this item provides higher HP and Physical Defense stat.

Here are some other situational items:
  • Blade Armor - to counter the likes of Claude
  • Dominance Ice - to slow nearby targets
  • Twilight Armor - to reduce crit damage taken
Please keep in mind that do not always rely on your pre-set or recommended build. Buy items according to the situation. Hope this guide helps you to know which items will you build in a certain situation.

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