Mobile Legends Guinevere Challenge is a Test on How Savage You Can Be

Now is the time to prove that you are a certified pro when it comes to using the Melee/Mage Ms. Violet through Community Heroes' newest online event called the Guinevere Challenge which test players if they can manage to rack up two or more knock using the notorious "Magic Thump" of Guinevere.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Challenge.jpg

For those who didn't know yet, the hero Guinevere is one of the best characters today in ML to make an instant killing machine of out of you with his CC skills and her infamous Violet Requiem that let the deal insane amount of damage in multiple enemies while also knocking them above to make them all completely helpless when you join the team clash.

However, the challenge here is not about the kills you can make but the knock-up that you can pull off. The catch here is how skillful you are in chaining her skills and how accurate you are in timing the Magic Thump skill to keep your opponents in the air which is the usual start for anyone to pull of their Maniac and Savage kills.

This is the challenge that gamers will have to face in order to ace the Guinevere Challenge. All they have to do is to post a 10-second video of their game in their FB timeline whether in Rank or Casual game as they pull off 2 or more knock-ups using Ms. Violet. This video will be registered in this form for a chance to be randomly chosen and win a huge stash of Dias. A total of 5 random players can win 1000 diamonds, 20 players with 500 diamonds and 50 more can also win 200 diamonds.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #knockup and #MobileLegends as you post your knock-up kills. Take note that you only have until August 5 to post your video and be part of the challenge. Good luck and knock up those enemies in the air!