Mobile Legends Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow Legend Skin Trailer Details - Exclusive Random Interactive Animation

The skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gets better and better! This time, Guinevere's upcoming Legend skin, Psion of Tomorrow, has many exclusive resources intact with it upon obtaining the skin. All of these are featured in the trailer posted in the official ML:BB YouTube channel and here are the details.


The trailer began with a music as Guinevere enters with her newest look. It seems that Guinevere is in a world of holograms. This might also be the exclusive background of this skin for her entrance animation. She is wearig a long coat with notable add-ons on her waist. There's a sash, a gold belt, and a mask that can be seen along her waist area. She is also wearing a mini skirt.


For the skill effects, Guinevere - Psion of Tomorrow highlights purple and blue hues as splash effects and trails for a great visual. Her passive puts a Fox Mark on her target. Her ultimate skill also has two different skill effects. The first one makes her summon a field while her animation effect seems she is getting power from spirit foxes. Then, the second animation will only show up when her ultimate skill is used after her skill 2. It will reveal her fox tails.


Here is the official trailer of Psion of Tomorrow:

This skin comes with recall effect, custom action, and random interactive animation, in-themed with this skin. All of the features are shown in the trailer itself. There is no exact date of release mentioned in the trailer but it is expected to be released before the month of April 2022 ends.

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