Mobile Legends Gusion Dimension Walker Double 11 Skin 2022 Skin Preview

As part of the Double 11 Mega Sale event of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the game will be releasing a new skin. This new skin will be tagged as a special skin type which is "Double 11". So, the 11.11 skin for the year 2022 will be Gusion - Dimension Walker. A separate video trailer was posted in the official YouTube channel of ML: BB to showcase the skill effects and the skin itself aside from the Double 11 Mega Sale 2022 preview.


In this skin, it's Gusion's turn to wear a golden fiery mecha outfit. The skin trailer also explained the logic behind the futuristic high-tech mechanic of how Gusion's skills work. The fiery orange traces in his body that looks like lava are the energies where his powers will come from. It is also noticeable that his hands are bright orange.


His weapon, Light Ray, highlights the skill effects. His skill 1, Sword Spike, will mark the target and a circle will appear below the target. His skill 2, Shadowblade Slaughter, makes Gusion throw multiple daggers. Lastly, his ultimate skill, Incandescence, once casted, will have an envoy appearing.

Here is the official video trailer of the Double 11 Skin 2022:

The Double 11 Wish Draw starts on November 8, 2022, ML:BB Server Time. Check out the event details in-game along with the actual contents and visuals of this Dimension Walker skin. This event is part of the huge Double 11 event series of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that can be found in the Events tab.

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