Mobile legends Hanzo Rotation Guide - Steal Enemy Buffs Easily!

Hanzo is currently unpopular. Just like what we mentioned on our previous guides, using unpopular hero can give an advantage. Newbies don't know what unpopular heroes can do. Others even in higher ranks don't know how to counter most unpopular heroes.

Read this guide until the end to help you surprise enemies using Hanzo.

Basic Rotation to steal red buff
  • Unlock Skill 1
  • Invade enemy Rockursa and hit it using basic attack 5 times
  • Use your first skill to steal the red buff
  • That is basically how to steal the red buff. You can also steal enemy purple buff by doing the following:
Early Steal of Purple Buff
  • Unlock Skill 1
  • Hit the right side lithowanderer 5 times using basic attack.
  • Use your first skill to steal purple buff
This is easier said than done. You cannot do this perfectly all the time. Here are more tips in order to utilize Hanzo as a jungle stealer
  1. You can also use your first skill to secure crab easily.
  2. Know when buffs will respawn. After killing the buff, it will respawn again after 2 minutes. It has the same duration when your buff is active. After 2 minutes, your buff will also fades.
  3. Never use Retribution as a battle spell for Hanzo. Sprint is better.

Gameplay Tips
  1. Be in soul form when engaging in teamfights.
  2. Hide your body a bit far from the teamfight so that enemy won't find you easily.
  3. Have enough blood orbs to stay in soul form much longer.
  4. Use your skill 2 efficiently to collect blood orbs.
Item Build:
  • Rapid Boots
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Windtalker
  • Berserker's Fury
  • Blade of Despair
Emblem Build:
  • Assassin Emblem
  • 3 pts for Phy Atk and Phy Pen
  • Use Bounty Hunter as Talent
Tune in for more guides in the new map!