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Apr 22, 2019
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Harith's speciality is to manipulate time wherein his skills allows him to move around with ease at the same time deal devestating burst damages towards his enemies while keeping a safe distance. So if you are considering buying/playing Harith, you might want to consider reading this full guide especially if you are a beginner. You may skip to the tips and tricks section if you want advanced tips already. You may skip to the Preparation Section if you are looking for the best battle spell, emblem, and items.

Harith's Strengths:

Harith is an extremely mobile hero with the ability to burst down heroes or either continuously deal damage at a decent to good pace depending on how you use him. Aside from that, he has a decent ability for wave clear provided that you land your first skill right. Otherwise, you'd be relying on your 2nd ability and basic attacks.

One great difference of Harith and the other Mages is his enhanced basic attack damage that deals Magic Damage thus getting the most out of Magical Lifesteal Items. He is only one of the Mages that can trigger the full potential of the item "Calamity Reaper".

Harith Weaknesses:

Like any other mages, Harith is a squishy hero but his mobility easily makes up for that.

If you will argue about the shield coming from his second skill, you can only trigger it by moving towards the enemies.

And in my opinion, better use Esmeralda if you are just going to play him that way because Esmeralda has higher sustain than Harith.

On the other hand due to his play style, he can be considered as a non-new commer friendly hero wherein it really does take some certain udnerstanding to pull of his true potential but otherwise he is a fun hero to play around.

~~~Skills Analysis

His Passive reduces CC Duration by 70%. That means if Selena commonly stuns heroes by 2 seconds, you will only be stunned by 0.6 seconds. A huge difference right?

His first skill deals an AoE damage. The damage at the center is 300% more than the damage at the outer area. Take note of that. This skill has 5 seconds CD.

His second skill is a blink skill. It enhances your next basic attack and slows target. You will also get a shield if you dash towards an enemy hero.

His ultimate skill inflicts slow effect for a period of time by 50%. His first skill CD will be reduce by 1 seconds and second skill CD by 3 Seconds if he uses his second skill while touching the dimension you casted using ultimate skill. Aside from the instant slow effect, second skill's CD will also instantly reduce by 4 seconds.

Analysis Summary:

1st Skill-Synchro Fission

>This skill is mainly used for wave clearing wherein your primary focus is to land the targets at the center of the skill.
>This skill can easily harass enemies at a safe distance thanks to its skill animation and how it comes from both directions
>The center has the highest damage while the outer rings can land an instant damage proc thanks to its skill animation
>This skill should be your priority skill up as harith shines more towards mid-late game rather than early game.

2nd Skill-Chrono Dash

>This skill can considered as his bread and butter ability in terms of dueling heroes
>This skill provides a shield if your dash lands towards a nearby enemy
>This skill enhances your basic attack and converts it to a magic attack which can proc items
>When you land your enhanced basic attack, Chrono dash's cool down gets reduced by 4 seconds.

Ultimate- Zaman Force

>This skill is a zone ability that enables harith to have a lower cool down on his chrono dash
>Upon use of this skill, it immediately lowers Chrono dash cooldown and slows enemies that are caught in the zone
>The zone provides a slow towards enemies that walk around it.



I only recommend 2 battle spells for Harith.

The first one is Aegis. This can be used defensively along with your Chrono Dash. When you escape using Chrono Dash, you won't be getting a shield because the shield will only appear if you move towards an enemy.

The second one is Retribution. You need to farm fast in early game to dominate the midgame. You also need buff because you are a mana hungry hero.

Emblem - Mage Emblem

Emblem Build

Tier 1: Flow- This basically gives harith the base magic power he needs
Tier 2: Catastrophe- In this tier there are multiple other talents he can take but Catastrophe overall is something that boosts his mid-late game power
Tier 3: Mystery Shop- As a slow but rather item dependent Hero, Mystery shop is something players could consider using for Harith.

Why Mystery Shop is the best?

Aside from the fact that you need to build items as fast as possible, you will also be getting the buff thus no need for Impure Rage. Magic Worship can also be considered but it is hard to trigger.


Core Item: Calamity Reaper

*Core items are a must have items for a hero*

Calamity Reaper is considered a bread and butter item for Harith as this item goes extremely well with his 2nd ability since this procs along with his enhanced basic attack. After buying either Arcane Boots or Demon Shoes, prioritize this item and try to finish building this item within the 5-minute mark of the game.

Sub-Core Items:

*Sub-Core are items that aren't necessarily considered as a must have for the hero but rather something you could consider*

Demon Shoes- It is considered as a Sub-Core item since Harith is a mana hungry hero and this item can easily solve that issue at a cost-efficient price. But always remember to sell this in late game. Switch to Arcane Boots.

Clock Of Destiny- This provides a fair amount of durability as well as a mid-end game magic power boost to Harith which overall can be considered as a cost-efficient item for Harith

Lightning Truncheon- With his high burst and low-cool down skills, this item makes a great addition towards his burst output. This is best paired with Clock of Destiny.

1st Set: Max CDR

Arcane Boots/Demon Shoes
Calamity Reaper
Lightning Truncheon
Clock of Destiny
Necklace of Durance
Holy Crystal

2nd Set: Burst

Arcane Boots
Calamity Reaper
Clock of Destiny
Lightning Truncheon
Holy Crystal
Bloodwings/Divine Glaive

3rd Set: Crit-Focused

Arcane Boots/Demon Shoes
Calamity Reaper
Berserker's Fury
Clock of Destiny
Lightning Truncheon
Holy Crystal


In the current META, you should not play Harith as a sustained Hero. Better pick Esmeralda if you want to stay alive in the middle of teamfights much longer. Play Harith like an Assassin/Mage. A Burst Type Harith.

Before the removal of immobilize effect in Zaman Force, you can survive 1v2 or 1v3 fights. But currently, you are less likely to survive such fights.

Here's some ways to play Harith according to the META (Most Effective Tactics Available)

Disclaimer: Tell me if there's something wrong with the info that I will give.

~ Buy Hunter's Knife to gain XP faster.
~ Gank like an Assassin
~ Use your ult to initiate a fight ONLY if your team have no other initiating skill in your team. Better use it when the enemies start to disengage to delay their escape and have a chance to kill them.
~ Play low key in early game. It doesn't mean that when you have Ult at level 4, you can initiate teamfights. Better get Calamity Reaper First and stay ahead in terms of XP and Gold to have a higher chance to win teamfights.

~~~Pro Tips & Tricks

1)Harith's 2nd ability can easily be used as a defensive and offensive tool so be keen and efficient when using this ability by making the most out of its shield generating capabilities as well as damage potential. This skill has 7 seconds CDR when you land in the zone of your Zaman Force and successfully lands your enhanced basic attack. That means even a level 4 Harith can use this every 3 seconds (Take note: CDR from Emblems and Items are still not considered). This skill will reset immediately even with 30% CDR from Emblems and Items when you triggered the 7 seconds CDR Effect.

2)When wave clearing, aim your 1st ability to where majority of the creeps would land of the center of it so that you won't have to make much effort finishing the wave as the center damage deals a ton of damage. At the same time use the opportunity to harass enemies as well by making sure the end of your 1st ability touches the enemy as this ability comes from both opposite ends towards the center.

3)Your ultimate ability is a tide changing ability wherein you can delay enemy disengagements, at the same time, crank up your damage output and mobility around the field, so be efficient in using this and consider where you will set this up because once you set it up and move away from this field, you'd easily leave yourself vulnerable.

4) You may use your ultimate skill to push turrets faster by utilizing your enhanced basic attack. Use Second Skill plus Basic Attack as much as you can while the ult is in effect.

~~~And the secret that only few knows is...

5) Upon using your 2nd ability, this somehow resets your basic attack so be sure to weave in a basic attack first followed by activating your 2nd ability then another basic attack. This basically shortens your attack animation at the same time deal some minor extra damage.

This might looks a small thing but do take this note if you want to Maximize Harith when using Berserker's Fury!

Who knows...Harith with Berserker's Fury might be the next META when Pro players start to try using it

New Harith FULL Guide: April 16, 2019 Zaman Force Immobilize Removal By: AdminGanda


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May 1, 2019
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Harith's Unli Chrono Dash Mechanics

Sa May 25 na kasi ire-release ang Elite Skin ni Harith na Stardust. Ilalagay na rin siya sa Hero Fragment Shop sa May 25 kapalit kay Kimmy. Kaya puro Harith ang discussion natin ngayon.

So in this post naman, basic control naman tayo kay Harith. Pinost ko ito para magkaideya kahit 'yong nga hindi pa nakakagamit kay Harith kung bakit parang walang CD ang second skill niya.

Simple lang naman ang Mechanics na iyan ni Harith.

Take note: 10 seconds po ang CD ng Chrono Dash kahit Max level na.

Step 1: Cast your Ult!

Kapag gumamit ka ng Chrono Dash at nakatapak ka sa loob ng Zaman Force mo, instant 4 seconds CDR.

Step 2: Make sure that your enhanced basic attack successfully hits an enemy unit.

Instant 4 seconds CDR rin ito. So kapag nakadash ka sa loob ng ult and tumama ang enhanced basic attack mo, 8 seconds na ang nabawas sa CD mo.

May 2 seconds pang natitira, paano 'yon?

Kapag may 20% CDR ka, instant reset na ang Chrono Dash basta ma-meet 'yong conditions na iyon.

You can get 20% CDR from Buff. Kaya kahit level 4 ka, unli second skill ka na kaagad.

Isa pang way ay ang 10% CDR coming from Magic Shoes at 10% CDR from Emblem mo.

By the way, mabilis na ang 2 seconds kaya hindi na masyadong big deal iyon.

Unli Chrono Dash without Ult?

Imposible iyon. Kasi 4 seconds ang bawas kapag tumama ang enhanced basic attack mo at kahit may 40% CDR ka pa, may 2 seconds pa rin ang CD ng Second Skill mo.

But still, 2 seconds is very fast. Kaya spammable talaga ang second skill ni Harith kasi every 2 seconds mo ito pwedeng gamitin.

I hope nalinawan na 'yong mga newbies natin dyan about Kay Harith. Any questions pa po?


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Harith's Item Discussion

Altamiz Build (Top 1 Global)
Wins: 389 Winrate: 89%

Magic Shoes
Calamity Reaper
Berserker's Fury
Concentrated Energy
Fleeting Time

Gofen Build (Top 1 Philippines)
Wins: 253 Winrate: 84%

Magic Shoes
Calamity Reaper
Berserker's Fury
Concentrated Energy
Divine Glaive

~~~Analysis on the 2 Top Global Builds

Ang pinagkaiba lang nila ay 'yong last two items.

Fleeting Time and Thunderbelt for more CDR

Divine Glaive and Immortality for more damage and survivability in late game

~~~Why Berserker's Fury?

Berserker's Fury increases his Crit Chance and Crit Damage.

His first skill has a high critical hit ratio. His enhanced basic attack also deals more damage when it is a Crit Hit which also gives you more heal if you have Magical Lifesteal Item which is the Concentrated Energy.

His normal basic attack also deals higher damage because of the extra physical attack that Berserker's Fury gives.

~~~What's the disadvantage of using Berserker's Fury?

You will rely on Crits. Without Crit, you will deal lower damage. Berserker's Fury is a good item for Harith in Early Game but in late game, Magic Power is much needed.

But since Harith Users need to end the game as early as possible to carry the game to victory, they build Berserker's Fury to push faster and deal Crit damage to kill faster.

In short,

Berserker's Fury > Magic Items like Holy Crystal in Early Game


Commonly, you can win the game with just 4 items. The boots, Calamity Reaper, Berserker's Fury and Concentrated Energy.

~~~ Why Calamity Reaper is his core item?

His enhanced basic attack will deal additional TRUE damage coming from the passive of Calamity Reaper. Each time you use a skill, your next basic attack will deal true damage.

Harith's Main Source of Damage is his second skill which is very spammable when inside the Zaman Force. You would want to just use second skill + basic attack when you cast your ult.

~~~ Why Concentrated Energy?

Unlike most mages, Harith benefits FULLY from the Magical Lifesteal because his enhanced basic attack deals Magic Damage.

~~~ Why Magic Shoes?

Again, this is for early game domination. You can spam your skills very early.

Getting buff will give you 20% CDR plus this item plus your emblem can already give you 40% Max CDR.

Even if you do not have max 10% CDR on emblem, you will another 10% CDR in Calamity Reaper.

~~~Late Game Items

Fleeting Time is for more CDR and to use your ult more often.

Thunderbelt gives you armor. This is to counter Marksman and other physical damage dealers late game.

Divine Glaive is for Magic PEN.

Immortality gives you a second life and Magic Resistance to counter late game Magic Damage Dealers like Gusion.

~~~Do you have other items that you are using with Harith? Can you prove that your items are better than what the Top Global Players build?


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Introducing Heroes to carry games and Rank up in Lower Ranks Guide Series presents:

A Hero Spotlight to Harith!

Mababa lang ang Difficulty ni Harith. In short hindi siya mahirap gamitin and pwede mo siyang magamit ng maayos in just a few number of games. Ngayong Season 12, nangunguna ang Harith Top 1 Global in terms of MMR (matchmaking rating). Ibig sabihin, mataas ang winrate niya even as a solo player. Madalas sa top global 1 naman talaga ay mga solo player and 'yong hero lang na iyon ang lagi nilang ginagamit sa Rank.

~~~Skill Set

Maganda ang passive niya dahil mas mahina ang effect ng CC sa kanya. Ang 2 seconds stun ng Abyssal Arrow ni Selena ay 0.6 seconds lang ang talab kay Harith.

Ang first skill niya ay magandang pangclear wave and pangharass. Medyo awkward lang i-aim pero kapag namaster mo, magiging mas effective kang damage dealer.

Ang second skill niya ay dash. Magkakaroon ka rin ng shield kapag lumapit ka sa kalaban at mas masakit ang next basic attack mo.

Ang ult niya ay magandang pangset. Slow ang kalaban at mas mabilis ang CD ng 1st and 2nd skill mo basta magdash ka lang sa loob ng Zaman Force mo.

~~~Why carry using Harith?

Warrior to Master, bihira akong makakita ng Mage. Mahalaga na bawat team comp ay may combination ng Physical and Magical Damage.

Sa GM naman, maganda pa rin si Harith dahil may pushing capacity din si Harith. Pwede mong i-spam ang second skill mo para mas masakit ang basic attacks mo kapag nagpupush.

All around si Harith kaya mas recommended ko siyang pangpush rank sa lower ranks kaysa kay Lunox na medyo hirap sa push.

~~~Recommended Preparation Set for Beginners

Common Magic Emblem or Mage Emblem will do whichever ang mas mataas.

Spell ko sa lower rank ay Retribution. Pero for beginners lalo na sa hindi pa mastered ang rotation and proper laning and jungling, I suggest other spell like Aegis for defense purposes or even Execute to better secure kills.

Then follow the order when building items:

Demon Shoes
Calamity Reaper
Lightning Truncheon
Holy Crystal
Divine Glaive


Final tip: Ang technique kay Harith is to end the game as early as possible. Kasi paglate game, mahihirapan ka ng magcarry dahil masakit na ang mga marksman niyan. End the game before the 12-minute mark.

Any questions po? Will you try using Harith?


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How to counter Harith?

These are just some ways to counter Harith. You may add some by commenting it below. Countering Harith do not totally mean that you will win the game because you need to still play as a team of course to beat a Harith-Centered Team Composition. But countering him gives you a higher chance of winning.

1. Hero Picking

A. Esmeralda - counter him with a harder to kill Mage. Esmeralda can also absorb his shield making his second skill useless against her.

B. Khufra - When Khufra uses second skill, Harith cannot use his second skill and will obviouslu also waste his ult if Khufra keeps on bouncing inside the Zaman Force.

C. Chou - Chou can also simply kick Harith away from the Zaman Force.

2. Items

As a tank, simply use Magic Resistance Items. Athena's Shield is the best.

Are AntiHP-Regen items needed?

Not totally. He doesn't rely MUCH on magical lifesteal. His sustain is a combination of some spell vamp and the shield coming from his second skill which absorbs more damage that rises as his magic power also increases.