Mobile Legends Harith is Back in the Ban Prison!

Guild of Guardians
For those who just started playing the game just before this current patch, they may think that Harith is weak in this game. So for the information of newbies, Harith is very popular at the start of his release until his nerf just before this latest patch note. In the recent patch note, Harith received a buff for his 1st and 2nd skill. That is why this is not the first time he is in ban prison, he is actually back as being one of the top bans.


Synchro Fission: The initial damage increased from 120 to 145. The damage growth decreased from 30 to 25. Adjusted the burst damage accordingly.

Chrono Dash: CD decreased by 1s at all levels.

Those are the adjustments for Harith in the latest patch notes. If you have already read our previous discussion about it, you won't be surprised about Harith being in the top bans again.

We also posted the four heroes with the lowest win rate before the new patch notes. You can look for it in the forum threads.

The adjustment for Harith seems to be too much. In advance server, the first adjustment made is the increase in damage on his first skill. Based on the situation and feedback from the advance server, that is not enough to make Harith popular again.

Almost no one played Harith after his previous nerf that is why the game developers focused and mulled over about adjusting Harith again.

Then, they came up with adjusting his second skill. The reason why almost no one played Harith is because without his second skill and ultimate skill, he will be useless in teamfights. His first skill can only poke then that's all what he can do. So there is no other way to make Harith popular again but to do adjustment in his second skill.

Before the nerf on his second skill, the cooldown is 10 seconds and the reduction of hitting an enemy is 4 seconds. The adjustment made was to make the reduction only 3 seconds.

Then as of now, the adjustment made is to reduce the cooldown to 9 seconds. This made Harith much overpowered than before.


It is because before, he is very powerful when using his Chrono Dash in the Zaman Force and less powerful without the Zaman Force. But currently, he is more powerful even without the Zaman Force when compared before. It is because the flat cooldown of the skill is adjusted, not the chance of Harith being overpowered.

Are you expecting Harith nerf next patch? Mind sharing your thoughts on how to adjust Harith without making him too overpowered or too weak?