Mobile Legends Harith's Nerf in Patch 1.4.36 Original Server and New Guide for Season 15

Guild of Guardians
Instead of 4 seconds, hitting an enemy with the enhanced basic attack will reduce its cooldown by 3 seconds.

Chrono Dash has a 10-second Cooldown. Leveling up this skill doesn't reduce its cooldown.

With the help of his ultimate skill, Zaman Force, it can reduce the cooldown for another 3 seconds.

Previously, Harith only needs to be level 4 and get a buff to infinitely use Chrono Dash while dashing through the Zaman Force.


The buff gives 20% CDR. It lessens the Chrono Dash's cooldown from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. Add up the cooldown reduction by dashing through the Zaman Force and hitting an enemy means Chrono Dash has only 1 second cooldown.

And again, that is at Level 4 Harith that has a Buff before the buff was reworked.

Having Magic Shoes as first item completely refresh Chrono Dash as long as you dash through Zaman Force and hit your enhanced basic attack.

Actually, even with a High Level Mage Emblem that gives 10% CDR already gives Harith a chance to infinitely use Chrono Dash in the Zaman Force.

Overall, Harith needs at least 30% CDR from emblem, item, and buff.

After the buff reworked, it only gives 10% CDR. Aside from that, Chrono Dash is nerfed in the same patch note. So it seems that Harith is actually nerfed TWICE in Patch Note 1.4.36.

How to adjust with the nerf?
  • Just max out CDR for the emblem to get 10% CDR
  • Get Purple Buff that gives 10% CDR
  • Get Magic Shoes that gives 10% CDR
  • If your purple buff is stolen, then after Magic Shoes, prioritize Azure Blade. It gives 5% CDR. It will also be useful in building your first core item which is the Calamity Reaper.
Here is a recommended item build for Harith

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