Mobile Legends has a new in-game feature named Layla’s Workshop where developers can get player feedback

As Mobile Legends is nearing its 7th Anniversary, the developers have introduced an all-new Layla’s Workshop to celebrate the upcoming occasion in September 2023. Through Layla’s Workshop, players will be able to share various ideas, discuss different update proposals, and upcoming features that will be added to the game. To further share information about this new feature, one of the game’s developers, Skyhook, shared details about Layla’s Workshop in the game’s official social media pages.


The new feature is already live in-game. Interested players who want to participate can access the feature. The main purpose of Layla’s Workshop is to get to know what the players’ reaction will be regarding the upcoming events and updates of Mobile Legends.

The developers intend to use Layla’s Workshop to set up a more direct and open channel of communication with players. This is due to them experiencing some untold setbacks with players while trying to upgrade the emblem system.

The new feature is available for all players of the game. The developers will come up with major update proposals for the year and will then put them for an open discussion for players to either discuss, scrutinize or applaud.

The developers also revealed that a full proposal might take about 5 to 6 rounds of open discussions with the last round being the voting part for which proposal is more suitable to be implemented in the game. For the proposals that will not get upvoted, they will be either scrapped or returned to the drawing board for developers to work on.

Layla’s Workshop will be an open channel of communication between the players and developers. Every feedback that the players will leave in the feature will be deeply looked at by the team behind the proposal and they will also give appropriate responses to the ideas and feedback of the players. They also hope that in the future, players will be able to create and present their own proposals to the developers to consider and think about.