Mobile Legends has revealed Six Upcoming Heroes in their Advanced Server

It seems like there’s a lot of new heroes that will arrive in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang regular server.


According to data miner Kazuki Official, a total of six heroes has been revealed on the advanced server of Mobile Legends. However, two out of the six heroes revealed are almost complete while the rest is still a work in progress.

These heroes are only playable in the advanced server but one of them, Aamon, is expected to arrive in the regular server through the Trickster’s Eve event.

Here are the six upcoming heroes of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

aamon ulit.png

This new hero will arrive in the upcoming Trickster’s Eve event in October. He is an Assassin type.


It is said that Valentina can copy other heroes’ abilities and character models in-game. If her HP is below 50%, the damage she deals to her enemies will heal her as long as she successfully hits them.

hero 111.jpg

Hero 111
This hero doesn’t have an official name yet as well as character model. A concept art is revealed, showing that this hero resembles a mech robot.

hero 113.jpg

Hero 113 (Yin)
Yin is not his final name. This new hero is currently using Paquito’s character assets. He can cast his dash skill twice before going on a cooldown.

hero 115.jpg

Hero 115 (Cursed Shooter)
Nicknamed as Cursed Shooter, she is seen wielding a big needle with a teddy bear strapped on her waist. She is a ranged hero and could possibly be a new marksman.

hero 116.jpg

Hero 116
There’s no further information regarding this new hero aside from its concept art.

Aside from Aamon, the rest of the heroes will still be receiving major changes while they are still in the MLBB advanced server. Let’s wait and see what will be the final version of these upcoming heroes.