Mobile Legends Hero Academy featuring Chip; Newest hero released this March 2024

Guild of Guardians
The newest hero in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game this March 2024 is the Support/Tank hero named Chip - Phase Technician. He uses portals to roam around the battlefield and support his allies. Chip is a carefree, genetically enhanced fox from Laboratory 1718. He got his name from his love of snacking on chips while lying on his hovercraft. He has a hovercraft that he uses to teleport around (and to slack off). His Special Skill allows him to quickly traverse the map, and his Ultimate allows him to gather all his teammates in one spot. He is featured in the latest episode of the game’s Hero Academy where introductory details about him are written. Here are the details about his skills, recommended preparation set, and more.


[Passive: Snack Time!]
Chip starts eating potato chips when out of combat, regenerating lost HP after finishing a whole bag.

[Skill 1: Crash Course]
Chip rams his hovercraft into the ground, dealing damage and applying marks on enemy heroes while gaining a shield.
Chip's next Basic Attack will become ranged, hitting all nearby enemies with marks and stunning them.

Basically, his passive is similar to Sky Guardian Helmet’s passive. His passive has a cooldown thus cannot eat chips again for a period of time while his stomach is full from eating a bag of chips. Meanwhile his skill 1 provides more shield the more heroes he hit with this skill and can stun them with an enhanced basic attack.

[Skill 2: Overtime]
Chip rushes forward, gaining increased Movement Speed and causing his next Basic Attack to charge at the target, dealing damage and knocking them back.

[Ultimate: Shortcut]
Chip drops the Main Portal on an enemy hero, and also creates Connecting Portals near allied heroes and behind the allied Base.

Connecting Portal: Heroes can teleport from Connecting Portals to the Main Portal and gain Burst Movement Speed, or stand on the Main Portal for a period of time to return to the Connecting Portal they came from.

Main Portal: Deals damage to nearby targets after a delay and slows them. Main Portal inherits a portion of Chip's Attributes.

These two skills are the most significant abilities of Chip. Prioritize skill 2 in leveling up as it has great utility that boosts his movement speed while his next basic attack will deal magic damage and knock back at the enemy. On the other hand, his ultimate skill makes him drop portals. Allies can enter the portal so that they will immediately be at Chip’s location.

[Special Skill: Why Walk?]
Chip has 4 Beacons on the map.
Chip can stand on a Beacon to enable this skill and then use it to teleport to any other Beacon.

He also has a special skill that serves as his fourth active skill that he can use to teleport to a location of his beacon on the map. After learning the basic information about Chip’s skills, here are some tips about his skill combo and preparation set.


His basic skill combo starts with his skill 2 plus enhanced basic attack then follows it up with his skill 1. With his ultimate skill, he could also use Petrify as part of the combo to control enemies. For the items, he mostly builds defense items as he is a support/tank hero. His core items are Rapid Boots and Dominance Ice. Rapid Boots synergizes well with his skill 2 while Dominance Ice is a solid defense item that also provides an anti-heal effect. Then, players can pick a physical defense item like Antique Cuirass and a magical defense item like Athena’s Shield to have enough defenses for both types of damage. Fleeting time is also a great option so he could spam his ultimate skill and wrap up the set with Immortality.

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