Mobile Legends Hero adjustment buffs in latest official server update overlooked in M5 World Championship

The current metagame used in the M5 World Championship is the Patch Notes 1.8.32 wherein there was a huge update in Patch Notes 1.8.30 in the official server that immediately received additional adjustments. The additional balance adjustments have overwritten the huge update and thus, the version is now 1.8.32, that also led to some adjustments in the version 1.8.30 to being overlooked. There are three hero buffs that are currently underrated not only in the ongoing M5 World Championship but also in the Ranked Games. These adjustments are written after the significant buffs in the huge update that is why it is understandable that some players overlooked and didn’t notice these changes. Here are some of the hero buffs overshadowed by the significant adjustments in the latest official server update.


Julian buff
The game slightly increased the cast range to make the Skills 2-3-1 combo easier to use.

[Skill 3] (↑)
Slightly increased the cast range to match the range of his enhanced Skill 3.

This adjustment might look very insignificant but the slight changes made also implies that the game deemed the hero Julian to be already viable and just need that little push to make it on par with the top heroes in the metagame. Another implication is that the game seems to encourage players to utilize the 2-3-1 combo more in the current metagame. It seems the players don’t use this combo a lot even though this is part of what makes Julian a top hero in terms of potential.


Cecilion buff

Cecilion's damage output has decreased since the revamp of Lightning Truncheon. The game makes up for that in Patch 1.8.30.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Path Damage Bonus from Max Mana: 5% >> 7%
End Damage Bonus from Max Mana: 10% >> 14%

Lightning Truncheon now provides additional movement speed when it passive procs which is what mage heroes like Cecilion appreciates. But in exchange, the 30% Mana Bonus damage is removed so Cecilion is really the one that gets most affected by the revamp of that said item. To try to make Cecilion’s damage to what it was before in its balanced state, the game increased the bonus damage of his skill 1 based on his Max Mana stat.


Arlott buff

This is the second consecutive huge update where Arlott is buffed. The game thinks that Arlott still needs further buff, thus, Patch Notes 1.8.30 buffed this hero again.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Base Damage: 110-310 >> 135-335

Arlott received a fixed 25 base damage across all levels of his skill 2. His base damage of 110/150/190/230/270/310 from his skill 2 is now increased to 135/175/215/255/295/335. The scaling remains the same at an increase of 40 base damage per level but it means his previous version damage at level 2 is the same as the current version’s damage at level 1 less a fixed rate of 15 base damage. The comparison works and the rate is still the same as the scaling remained constant for checking the previous’ level 3 damage to current’s level 2 and so on.

These three hero adjustments are part of the initial update of November 2023 and definitely deserved a review after watching the early part of the Group Stage of the M5 World Championship. Arlott was already a top pick before this update and it means Arlott will just be more effective now and thus, remains a top pick in the Group Stage. The game’s advanced server is also still receiving updates and might make one within the first week of the tournament but the metagame for M5 might remain at Patch 1.8.32 until further notice.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!