Mobile Legends Hero Spotlight for newest hero Joy - Basic Info and Guide to learn how to play Joy

The Mobile Legends Bang: Bang just recently released a new hero this November 2022 and it is the female assassin hero, Joy. The game released a hero spotlight in its official YouTube channel to give basic information about this new hero. Here are some of the highlights of Joy Hero Spotlight!


For her skills, her skill 1, "Look, Leonin Crystal!", makes her summon a Leonin Crystal that deals magic damage. Her skill 2 is "Meow, Rhythm of Joy!" which makes her dash while dealing damage in her path. This skill can be used again if she hits a Leonin Crystal or an enemy hero for a maximum of 5 times.

There is also this certain mechanic represented by a yellow bar. Players need to cast her skill 2 and ultimate skill when the bar is full in order to increase their damage dealt. Her ultimate skill "Ha, Electrifying Beats!" boosts her movement speed after actively clicking this skill and then it will passively inflict magic damage in the surrounding area for 8 times. She is also immune to slow effects when this skill is active. This is also an anti-debuff skill that purifies everything non-damage effect casted on her upon casting this ultimate skill. Pair these all up with her passive, "Humph, Joy’s Angry!", every time she damaged any non-minion target with her skills, she gets a shield and increased movement speed.


The preparation recommendation for Joy based on the Hero Spotlight official video suggests to equip her the battle spell Execute. The emblem will be Mage Emblem customized to boost her movement speed and damage potential. The items will be the boots, Genius Wand and Divine Glaive for penetration, Concentrated Energy for sustain, Oracle as magic defense item, and Brute Force Breastplate.


Her skin, Feline Ranger, can be bought for only 51 diamonds during the first two weeks of her launch which will last until December 2, 2022, ML: BB Server Time. Check out the actual skill descriptions and her visuals in-game. Keep the things noted in here in mind in order to master using the hero Joy better.

Stay tuned for more news, guides, and updates!