Mobile Legends Heroes Tier List & Best Heroes 2021


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May 27, 2020
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Truthfully, there are way too many heroes in Mobile Legends for you to try out one by one (unless you have the patience and time, which we don’t). So here’s a tier list for each class so you can try out the best heroes the game has. Right below it would be our opinion on the best heroes to use for each class.

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Heroes Tier List​


S+: Aldous, Chou, Paquito
S: Sun, Roger, Jawhead, Phoveus
A: Guinevere, Alucard, Yu Zhong, Alpha
B: Balmond, Zilong, Ruby, Bane, Lapu-Lapu, Argus, Freya, X.Borg
C: Silbanna, Badang, Leomord, Khaleed
D: Dyrroth, Martis, Thamuz, Hilda, Minsitthar, Masha, Terizla


S+: Saber, Benedetta
S: Lancelot, Selena, Mathilda
A: Hayabusa, Gusion, Karina, Ling
B: Natalia, Helcurt
C: Fanny
D: Hanzo


S+: Diggie
S: Kaja, Rafaela
A: Angela
B: Carmilla
C: Estes
D: Faramis


S+: Khufra, Tigreal
S: Gatotkaca, Johnson
A: Hylos, Atlas, Gloo, Uranus
B: Franco, Belerick, Lolita, Minotaur
C: Akai, Barats, Baxia
D: Grock


S+: Esmeralda, Alice
S: Eudora, Kagura, Zhask, Luo Yi
A: Chang’e, Harley, Yve
B: Vale, Cyclops, Pharsa, Lunox
C: Cecilion, Odette, Valir, Kadita, Lylia, Harith
D: Aurora, Gord, Vexana, Nana


S+: Granger, Brody, Natan
S: Hanabi, Miya, Wanwan
A: Layla, Yi Sun-shin, Claude, Beatrix
B: Bruno, Clint
C: Popol, Moskov, Irithel
D: Karrie, Kimmy, Lesley

Best Heroes For Each Class:​

Chou: Fighter​

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Chou remains one of the best fighters in MLBB since his release, mainly because of his skills. His passive - Only Fast allows him to deal extra damage and slows down his targets with his next basic attack after travelling 8 yards. His skills - Jeet Kune Do, Shunpo and The Way of Dragon are completely focused on inflicting damage on his opponents.

If you’re using him as a fighter, you should build him up to inflict damage as your main DPS. Choose the Custom Assassin Emblem Set and spend your talent points on movement speed and physical penetration to increase those aspects. Select Killing Spree or High and Dry for the best damage infliction.

The best spell for Chou would be Flicker as it merges well with his current abilities and could help him get out of bad situations easier with his ultimate.

Benedetta: Assasin​

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Her high mobility and agility in the game makes her one of the best assassins to use. Her passive Elapsed Daytime allows her to charge up her attack while unleashing her sword. She then charges in front of her dealing physical damage. All of Benedetta’s skills incorporate dashing, so she can easily attack any of her enemies without prior notice - quick and easy.

Her skills are Phantom Slash, An Eye for An Eye and Alecto: Final Blow. The higher the skill’s level, the more mana and physical damage that could be inflicted. All of her skills are quick and of high damage, which makes her the best hero to be an assassin.

A Custom Assasin Emblem Set could be used for her while prioritizing speed and damage. The last point could be used for either Killing Spree or Bounty Hunter, depending on your focus - health or wealth. A good spell option for Benedetta would be Retribution to slow down enemies and enable you to purchase jungle items.

Diggie: Support​

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Diggie doesn’t look strong, but he is the best support you will ever have in the game. An owl that can manipulate time and throw around owl bombs shouldn’t be taken lightly. His passive, Young Again allows him to transform into an egg so he won’t take any damage and at the same time roam the map freely to expose enemy locations. He can also prevent enemies from regenerating and calling back to base.

His three main skills: Auto Alarm Bomb, Reverse Time and Time Journey are all significantly different from each other. The first one inflicts damage, the second one traps enemies and the third skill shields his team members.

For Diggie, you could use the Custom Support Emblem with a focus on Agility, Recovery and Focusing Mark. These could help him target better and inflict more damage on his enemies.

Khufra: Tank​

A tank with excellent crowd control and high damage is the best tank you would need. His passive - Spell Curse allows him to increase the range of his attacks, dealing magical damage which slows down his enemies and regenerates his health.

Khufra’s skills: Tyrant’s Revenge, Bouncing Ball and Tyrant’s Rage deals physical damage to his enemies. Tyrant’s Revenge and Tyrant’s Rage are both good crowd control skills, whilst Bouncing Ball inflicts AoE damage to those around him.

As Khufra is a true tank, put to use the Custome Tank Emblem with points in physical defence or HP as well as CD to reduce his Ultimate’s time. You could choose to use Brave Smite or Concussive Blast for his talent and for spells - Petrify, Revitalize and Execute are good choices.

Alice: Mage​

Alice aka the Queen of Blood is a formidable mage that can be used as a Tank as well. Her passive - Blood Ancestry allows her to absorb the lives of dead minions and restore her own mana and health. Blood plays a big role in Alice’s magic and skills.

Her skills: Flowing Blood, Blood Awe and Blood Ode deals magical damage to her enemies. The first skill allows her to teleport, the second skill immobilizes her enemies and the third skill allows her to drink the blood of her enemies to inflict ultimate damage.

Alice with the Mage Emblem could improve her damage potential. Her points should be put to use with Agility, Observation and Mystery Shop. The best spell for her use is Vengeance to lower the damage caused by enemies.

Brody: Marksman​

As a Marksman, Brody has a good set of skills that would prove to be handy on the battlefield. His passive, Abyss Corrosion allows him to attack others while on the move and the damage is stackable. But if he uses his other skills, his passive would be null.

Brody’s skills are Abyss Impact, Corrosive Strike and Torn-Apart Memory each with their own set of damages. Abyss Impact creates an AoE damage, Corrosive Strike is a lock on dash skill and Torn-Apart Memory causes burst damage that affects enemies, creeps and minions on the map.

A powerful marksman, he is best equipped with the Assassin Emblem with points to Agility, Invasion and Killing Spree to amplify his basic attacks. We recommend the Flicker spell for Brody for him to easily escape unwanted situations.

These are the most basic knowledge for all the best heroes and suggestions for their build. If you want to focus more on a certain hero, do your research and watch more gameplays! Another tip is to just keep practising with your chosen hero and soon enough you’ll be able to fend for yourself.