Mobile Legends Heroes to counter using the defense item Radiant Armor - An Item Guide and Review

Radiant Armor is a defense item in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that provides magic defense, HP, and Health Regeneration at a cost of less than 2000 in-game gold currently. This item also has a passive effect called Holy Blessing that has a description of "taking Magic Damage grants 5-8 Magic Damage Reduction (scales with level), lasting for 3s and stacking up to 6 times". Its build path consists of combining Healing Necklace, Magic Resist Cloak, and Ares Belt while consuming additional gold to upgrade it into the Radiant Armor item. Here is a guide about this item that lists some heroes that this item counter.

It is recommended to build Radiant Armor, especially as a tank, when against the following heroes.


1. Chang'e

Her popularity might be the main reason why this item existed. Her ultimate skill deals continuous magic damage thus the passive of Radiant Armor can be easily stacked. Other magic defense item options like Athena's Shield can be easier poked by Chang'e unlike Radiant Armor that the magic damage reduction increases as the one wearing the Radiant Armor takes magic damage.


2. Silvanna

Aside from pure mage heroes, even other magic damage dealers like a Fighter such as Silvanna can be countered by Radiant Armor. She will probably not target a tank but her skill 2 can usually kill even a tank. Her skill 2 is also considered a continuous damage attack so Radiant Armor's passive will also work and stack against her.


3. Alice

She also deals continuous magic damage from her ultimate skill and full skill combo. Radiant Armor alone is sometimes enough to effectively reduce her damage output. Alice is also not totally built as a burst mage but a sustain one to survive in the middle of teamfights. Unless she will build pure magic power focused items, Radiant Armor alone is normally enough to counter her damage.


4. Valir

This hero tends to be built with defense items, if not full tank build, and thus Radiant Armor alone is also often enough to significantly reduce the damage taken from him. He is also not relying on magic power to deal magic damage and thus, Radiant Armor's impact can be easily felt as Valir will indeed deal significantly lower damage. Valir had to rely on his HP-percentage based damage and crowd controls in order to have an impact in teamfights or simply scare the hero wearing Radiant Armor as this item definitely counters Valir.

Those are just some of the heroes that once you've seen them in the enemy draft, consider building Radiant Armor especially if you are the team's tank. There are also other heroes that deals continuous damage but not totally can be countered by this item like Odette, Cyclops, Gusion, and Lunox. Radiant Armor is not enough and should be paired with another magic defense item when facing against them. Special note on Cyclops as Radiant Armor alone can be enough if Cyclops built the usual Concentrated Energy sustain build.

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