Mobile Legends Heroes to Use at the start of Season 21 - Buffed in the newest patch!

The Project Next Phase 2 was also a mark of a new season. Patch 1.5.88 includes the notes for the big update and it consists of buffs on some heroes. Here are the buffed heroes that you should use to rank up easily at the start of this season.


1. Lunox

She was already a great hero before this patch but with this buff, she is now arguably the best hero to use! Here's the description on her buff.

[Skill 1 - Chaos Assault] (↑):
Lunox now deals additional damage to all enemy targets, which is equal to a certain proportion of their Max HP.
Additional damage dealt to normal creeps: 1.5%-3.5% of their Max HP → 3%-7% of their Max HP

This made Lunox deals even more damage and can help her snowball even as a sidelaner or midlane support. No other heroes that can outdamage her and at the same time, has her ability to escape in teamfights and not get killed. She is great in both 1v1 and teamfights. She can now also be more effective in stealing the enemy purple buff with that additional damage on her skill 1. She is definitely the first one that you should try out!

2. X.Borg


This hero was buffed again! Aside from being tanky enough already, now the developers decided to give him more damage again in the hope to make him more viable. Here's the adjustments.

[Skill 1] (↑):
Base Damage: 30-100 → 40-100
Total Physical Attack Bonus for Damage: 50% → 60%
Damage to Minions:75% → 75%-100%
[Ultimate] (↑):
Base Fire Damage: 200-300 → 200-250
Extra Physical Attack Bonus for Fire Damage: 100% → 130%

He also complements well with the new item War Axe. This really should make him one of the best heroes right now. He is now again back to be a solid pick that can dominate the game or if not, has a great potential to comeback. The additional damage to minions and overall general damage is a great buff to make his battles be more in favor of him.

3. Natalia


She is one of the heroes that is quite player-based. It means that the player has a great impact on how will she perform. Her mechanics and gameplay are different but if you are used to her and can play her successfully, she will reward you. Here's the buff on her.

[Natalia] (↑)
Knowing that she must first survive to have another chance at assassination, Natalia has learned survival skills from Tigreal.
[Attributes] (↑):
Base HP: 2589 → 2639
HP Growth: 154 → 164

The reason why she was left with below average HP stats is because of the Tank Natalia Strategy that was popular several patch notes ago. But since the battlefield situation changed a lot and even in advance server she already found some difficulties, she was given these adjustments. Now enemies will have a harder time killing her over time with that HP Growth buff not only her base HP. She is also a definitely must try for this new patch!

4. Esmeralda


She lost some popularity after being nerfed in the previous patch notes. The fluctuation on her win rate stat was also noticeable. That is why the developers thought that she deserve this adjustment.

[Esmeralda] (↑)
"When feeling helpless or lost, I'd always stare into the night sky and find strength to move forward from the moon and stars." - Esmeralda
[Skill 2] (↑):
Base Damage of Each Hit: 210-410 → 240-440

It is time to make Esmeralda one of the most popular heroes again. She was still viable even before this buff but with this buff, she is definitely above average now in terms of damage output. She will definitely dominate the sidelane and enemies should not underestimate her damage output.

Those are the heroes that were directly buffed in the newest patch. They are all now stronger and were intended to be among the best heroes to use in the current battlefield situation.

Hope this helps you to climb up the ranks! Stay tuned for more of these informative contents.
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