Mobile Legends Highest Win Rate Heroes at the start of Season 25 based on Legend and higher Ranked Games

The newest Ranked season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Season 25, started on July 2, 2022. The statistics for each heroes that includes win rate, pick rate, and ban rate was published in the official ML: BB website that can also be seen from in-game was released more than a day after. The win rate statistics is one of the most reliable stats especially at the first day of the season, along with the Legend+ filter, because most of those that already reached Legend and up on Day 1 means they are one of the better players. Here are the highest win rate heroes at the start of Season 25.


1. Masha

This might not be surprising anymore since Masha, after the adjustments, is indeed became one of the best heroes. She is tanky due to her very high HP and can also deal decent damage over time. She also has a 10.82% ban rate at the first day of Season 25. Her current win rate is 66.74% which means those who used Masha won around 2 out of their 3 games.


2. Valentina

One of the most banned heroes is also one of the heroes with the highest win rate which is Valentina. She also has a high pick rate which makes being the second highest in win rate more impressive. She has 66.98% ban rate and 61.48% win rate. One of the reasons why she is one of the top bans and most winning hero is because of her ultimate skill that makes her a very versatile pick.


3. Yve

It is now indeed the start of the rise of mage heroes and midlaners as Yve finished as the 3rd highest win rate hero in the first day of Season 25. She has a win rate of 60.71% which is still very high. She can now clear minions in midlane faster and her ultimate skill is still a threat as it is.


4. Terizla

The buffed Terizla is also on the rise! His win rate is 60.64% which is only a few difference from Yve while having a higher pick rate and ban rate than Yve. Terizla is now better not only in laning but also in teamfights after his skills are buffed. This might only be due to the buff but only time will tell if Terizla is indeed a Top 4 hero right now.


5. Lunox

Lunox was also significantly buffed so that she would be able to deal better damage over time against tanky heroes. This seems to contribute greatly in Lunox' win rate and thus she got the Top 5 highest win rate at the start of the season with 59.26% that is a sign of her increase viability. Lunox might still be not that popular with only 0.6% pick rate but may be other players will soon catch up and try using Lunox again.

Special mentions will include Diggie with 59.24% win rate but only 0.33% pick rate, Xavier and Julian which are still both top tier heroes, and Lolita in which she always has been one of the highest win rate heroes. The high ban rate of Julian and Xavier didn't stop them from getting a high win rate and proved that once enemy team didn't ban them, picking them will increase the chance of winning since they are hard to counter and outplay. There will still be changes in the next few days and weeks but expect this standings to last for a couple of days or more.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!


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