Mobile Legends Hilda Guide


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May 1, 2019
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Do you want to be the type of guy that recklessly goes to a 1v5?Or the type of guy that loves to smash heads?Well then i present to you all the Hilda Guide! (and no im not doing this just to fill up the slots of heroes that dont have a guide yet :> )


Hilda is a Fighter/Tank wherein she shows to every men that women can be as fast as Usain Bolt, she has high hp regen and a very tough beast


Passive: 1v5 is the funniest joke i ever heard

Hilda has the talent to eat grass, When hilda goes to a bush she does some complicated hand signs as she gives herself a shield and she also regens teeny tiny bit of health for 4 seconds, also when Hilda's hp is below 30% hp she quickly regens huge amount of hp for 5 seconds

1st:De festes runner in de tewn
You thought Hilda's ankles are for show? Pressing the skill will give Hilda a movement speed boost and her next basic attack deals increased damage and sends a wave in front dealing damage and slows enemies on hit

2nd:Triple bitch slapping
Hilda is not impressed with one slap, instead shes interested in 3, pressing the skill will make Hilda charge to an enemy and bish slap the enemy, the skill can be pressed 3 times and the 3rd time knocks back the enemy for a little bit

Ult: Im not Darius
This skill is a very original skill, a skill that is seriously not from a different game, Hilda jumps and dunks on the enemy dealing damage to enemies around the dunked enemy and immobilizing the enemy for 0.5 seconds, If Hilda gets a kill or assist she gets a stack, each stack increases the damage of the skill, up to 10 stacks, once the ult is used and its now on its 10th stack, the stacks will be back to 0


There are 2 builds i have in store now but ill explain only one build and that is the semi tank build

Warrior Boots/Tough Boots-depends on enemy lineup

Bloodlust Axe- For spell vamp since she's skill based

Oracle- for more juicy regen not only for bloodlust axe's passive but also for both of Hilda's passive

Rose Gold Meteor- RGM's passive activates when the hero's hp is 30% and Hilda's 2nd passive activates also when she's at 30% hp, good combo

Blade of Despair- for more damage for her Ult

Immortality-for late game

Now for Full Tank Build

Wizard Boots
Sky Guardian Helmet


If there is a low hp enemy and your passive is up go to a bush, dive in with your 1st and spam all your skills and basic attacks, once the enemy is dead, quickly get out, dont be afraid to tower dive since you have a shield and massive hp regen

Once lvl 4, time to rotate and gank alot

If using semi tank, aim for the marksmans or simply the damage dealers, if tank build go for the front

You need to gank more for your stacks of your Ult that way youll be powerfull

Dont start a teamfight if you have 4 stacks lower

And also dont start a teamfight when your passive is not ready

Thanks for reading the Hilda Guide
Thanks to Shinmen Takezo for some of the puns used