Mobile Legends History a 4 year Retrospective

Mobile Legends has already reached 4 years of existence and still counting. It consistently dominated the mobile gaming platform across the whole world and became an official esports. Now, it's time to reminisce Mobile Legends' 4-year rollercoaster ride when it was first released in 2016.

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This is an old logo of Mobile Legends back when it first entered the mobile market. Prior to its creation, let me tell you first how Moonton created this phenomenal game.
Mutong Technology (Moonton) started with only 20 staff led by Yuan Jing and Xu Zhenhua who left Tencent to pursue another chapter of their life. And before Mobile Legends came to light, they first created Magic Rush: Heroes. Some of you can still remember those annoying ads of that certain game.

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After a successful launch of their previous game, Mobile Legends was developed and launched in July 2016. Initially, Mobile Legends has only 10 heroes and that was even before Bane was released. The image above is the old loading screen and, as you can see, it's still the old Yun Zhao and Bane.

Mobile Legends' popularity quickly grew in Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines. And, just like the good old days of Dota, we can't help the urge of competing locally and, if possible, internationally. And that's how the first National Arena Contest in 2017 marked one of the greatest feats in ML's history. The video is the clash between Indonesia and the Philippines.

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With the success of their first major tournament, it is already clear that Moonton will take the opportunity to launch bigger tournaments. Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) was introduced months after the conclusion of the National Arena Contest. And, within the same year, they decided that it's time to try a professional league tournament.

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The first MLBB Professional League (MPL) was held in Indonesia in late 2017. But, basically, it's the introduction for the regional MPL wherein teams from these professional leagues will compete for a spot in the annual MSC.

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2017 might have already been full of events for the ML community. But, before the year ended, the reworked map and Bane was released and became the first themed event of Mobile Legends with a title of "The Hunt for Bane's Treasure". Then the year 2018 came and although it wasn't as eventful as 2017, another mileage was made during that year.

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You might still be using these skins until now. It just shows how old you're playing Mobile Legends now. S.A.B.E.R is the first skin series that Moonton created for this game. And I can still remember how cool it is to drive Johnson with this skin on.

After a few events, it seems ML has been stagnant until the news for the Esports at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games was revealed. It was announced in late 2018 that Mobile Legends was the first title picked for the upcoming Esports event. And, fast forward to the conclusion of the tournament, the Philippines won the first gold medal.

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Just when it all seems to be monotonous and everyone is focuses on rank, this baby came out. We recently had its comeback event. But, it was something else when it was first released. Today, it's considered as one of the legendary, if not the rarest, line of skins in ML due to how hard it was to get this. (Especially with that painful KOF Bingo)

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In late 2019, Moonton made a decision to upgrade the game engine for the game. The update was massive but fulfilling. It became more optimized for the mobile platform with its sleek design and smoother animation. And later on, the speed mode was also integrated which helped connection issues of the game.

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We all love the esports invitational events and world cups. And this time, who would've thought that there will be a day where a mobile game will have its MAJOR world championship. The 2019 M1 World Championship was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It's no longer a battle between our neighboring countries. The West, Middle East, and the Asian countries composed their own team to fight for the highest title. The duel between RRQ and EVOS Legends became the most thrilling match as EVOS took the championship with a final score of 4-3.

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Finally, we're in the current year. And before the pandemic hits hard, Mobile
Legends was able to pull off the grand 515 E-party last March. There's no need for explanation. We all had fun with the tons of claimable prizes and skins.

And thanks to this event, Moonton finally knew what makes their community strong - why old players still come back and why some stayed from the very beginning. Aside from the easy accessibility due to the mobile platform, FREE cosmetic skins will always attract players. And now, we're at the present time with the KOF comeback.

Here's a video brought to you by Moonton's Mobile Legends. It was indeed a rollercoaster ride. Our list only consisted of the highlights and best events that happened for the last 4 years. All the downward spirals that weren't mentioned here are just stepping stones of how ML grew.

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Until now, Mobile Legends reigns as the top game on both mobile platforms and its category. Let's not talk about the "other" incoming MOBA competitor here. Let's just all enjoy the sweet, some may be bitter, memories of playing Mobile Legends. How about you? Do you have any ML experience you want to share with us? Tell us below.