Mobile Legends How to use Fredrinn - Hero Spotlight featuring his Skill Combo Guide and Build Tips

Another hero is coming to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang original server and it will be Fredrinn, the Rogue Appraiser. A hero spotlight of Fredrinn was posted in the official YouTube channel of ML:BB that showcased his skills while there were also pro tips and preparation recommendations. Here are some of the highlights shown in Fredrinn's hero spotlight.


His skills are explained in the spotlight video. His skill 1 is a mid-range attack where he can safely poke from a distance. His skill 2 is a blink skill that can slow enemy hero that was hit. His third skill consume a Combo stack that can be earned in each use of skill 1 and skill 2. This skill 3 deals damage around him and can reduce the cooldown of his skill 1 and skill 2. Lastly, his ultimate skill deals burst damage in a cone-shaped area.


The recommended skill combo goes like this: Skill 2 to blink towards the target, Skill 1 to deal more damage, Skill 3 to reduce the cooldown of his first two skills while also dealing damage, Skill 2 and Skill 1 again, then use his ultimate skill when available. Also, don't forget to use basic attacks in between especially maximize the enhanced basic attacks.


For his preparation set, the recommended battle spell is Vengeance. The emblem could be Tank or Fighter depending on preference. The recommended items are Warrior Boots, Antique Cuirass, Oracle, Immortality, Radiant Armor, Sky Guardian Helmet. The official hero spotlight video will be linked below.

It was also announced in his hero spotlight that Fredrinn will be released on August 12, 2022, ML: BB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). Along with the hero release and default skin, a basic skin will also be released. Check out the actual contents and details once these things came in-game.

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