Mobile Legends Hylos new Skin - Iron Steed obtainable in Lucky Flip Event

On Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official YouTube channel, Hylos’ first Epic skin in ML:BB was teased. This skin is obtainable via an event called Lucky Flip. Here are the details:


Hylos - Iron Steed is a cyberpunk mech themed skin. Hylos now wears an armor that would intimidate anyone in the way. His weapon and some parts of his body armor emits golden aura.

The trailer also shows the skill effects of this skin. Hylos' 2nd skill, Ring of Punishment now makes Hylos casts a gold circular area of effect below him. Even his skill 1 and basic attacks have golden splash effects. The ultimate skill, Glorious Pathway, also leaves a trailway with the edges having a great design pattern.


The date mentioned in the teaser video is October 9, 2021 so it implies that this skin will be obtainable via the Lucky Flip event which will last until October 15, 2021. There might still be changes but it is guaranteed that this skin will come soon.

Here is the official skin trailer:

Stay tuned for more news and updates!