Mobile Legends Immunity Items Guide - Winter Truncheon and Wind of Nature

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Nov 25, 2019
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Winter Truncheon is rarely bought and not considered popular in Mage so now they added a new active ability which in my opinion is so good.Now Winter Truncheon can be used to be invulnerable for all kinds of damage for 2 seconds with a 100 CD.This effect can also be used to dodge incoming projectile damage such as Lancelot Ulti or Cyclops Ulti,this will definitely get this item a room for the new meta in my opinion.

Winter Truncheon $1910
Benefits: +60 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense, +400 HP
Active Skill - Frozen: After activating this skill, the hero is unable to move but is immune to any damage effects, lasts for 2 seconds. CD is 100 seconds. Once frozen, the hero can not move or perform any action, but they are immune to all damage and effects.

Wind of Nature $1910
Benefits: +10 Physical ATK, +25% Attack Speed, +15% Lifesteal

Active Skill - Wind Chant: Activate to become immune to all physical damage. Lasts 2 seconds.Cooldown is 80 seconds. Duration is reduced by half when not using a marksman.

Aside from the roaming items, these are the other items that have active skill.

Note: You can only use one item active skill.

Example: If you have Courage Mask and Winter Truncheon, you have to choose which is the active skill that you will use.

That is why it is not recommended to build two items with active skills.

When to use these items?
  • Winter Truncheon is for mages
  • Wind of Nature is for marksman
You can actually build this item every time you play because the damage and crowd control immunity is so helpful.


You are using a Mage with no Blink Skill like Gord. You have been attacked by an assassin like Hayabusa.

One of the perfect timing to use Winter Truncheon is when you anticipated that he will use his ult skill.

Obviously, Hayabusa's ult will be wasted and since it is now under cooldown, you can escape or less likely be killed.

The well-known situation where a mage or marksman use these immunity items is when there is an enemy Aldous and it is already late game.

Example: You are using Layla. Aldous use ult and targeted you. Since you have Wind of Nature, you activated it when he was about to hit you. That short 2 seconds immunity can increase your survivability.

Just like your teammates should be coming to back you up the moment they noticed Aldous is targeting you. After the immunity fades, your allies should disable Aldous and kill him.

Why are these situational items only?

Some may argue that since these items are cheaper at a price of 1910 golds compared to other items, the stats is just not that worth it.

Winter Truncheon gives 60 Magic Power, 25 Physical Defense, and 400 HP.

For mages, magic power is generally the most important stat. Winter Truncheon gives approximately 5 Magic Power for 160 golds. But late game items like Holy Crystal gives 5 Magic Power for 109 golds.

That means if you choose this over a high magic power item, your magic power will be sacrificed. But the compensation of physical defense, HP, and the immunity is worth it if used in perfect situations.

Wind of Nature gives 10 Physical Attack, 25% Attack Speed, and 15% Lifesteal.

It is inefficient to build attack speed items to some marksman. So for those who relies on attack speed stat, this is not a bad substitute.

A very good example is for Claude who uses a Golden Demon Build.

So after the boots, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff, Claude can build more attack speed items like Corrosion Scythe and more attack stat like Blade of Despair. That means, you can fill a spot with Wind of Nature.

But sometimes, Rose Gold Meteor is a good quasi-defense item for Claude. The physical attack stat is helpful along with the Magic Defense especially if against Two mage set-up or a mage plus mage-assassin line up.

There are situations that Wind of Nature is not the best item to choose. Another example is when you have to build Physical Pen item not only to deal more damage to heroes but also to turrets so Malefic Roar can also be picked over Wind of Nature.

What are your thoughts about these items? Do you usually use these in your games? Share your thoughts by commenting below