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Discussion in 'Mobile Legends' started by mlph, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. mlph

    mlph Hardcore Gamer

    Starting a thread for all Mobile Legends Philippines issues, here are the things we can discuss
    • Server Outages
    • Account Login issues
    • Disconnection, ping or lag issues
    • Missing rewards problem
    • and other related topics
    Pls note to be respectful so we can help each other fix or at least makes this ML issues be aware
  2. RheinMori

    RheinMori Casual Gamer

    This f*** stupid lag. Even the high speed mode does nothing after this new update. Its just a button, thats it. I'm using a router with good connection, yet the ingame net speed display shows around 250-690ms ping. How do developers intend to make us keep playing the game with this much lag? This is such a serious issue for the community, please fix it ASAP.
  3. EivanBlack

    EivanBlack Casual Gamer

    i am experiencing a terrible lag problem in playing mobile legends this days. I am loosing lot of stars and cannot ranked up because of lag.

    Hope you fix this asap. If not, damn you fuck you. I will tell others not to play this bullshit game anymore.
  4. DavidVillanueva

    DavidVillanueva Newbie Gamer

    I have lag for almost 6 months since event update. Before battle royal it was good and fast and low ping also. IAM still have lag for some time and for once i get good ping then i joined for another match, again i get this shiity lag at maximum 287ms minimum is 207ms.

    Basically iam from Philippines but mostly time i play with Malaysian and Indonesian players and their server is farther from my country and this cause me lag. when i ever i match make or join for match.

    l get Malaysian players a lot and some time Indonesian players. I reported Mlbb many times and their response was " change ur network or play with good wifi" BITCH i have good and fast 4G network also i tried the wifi and still the result is same. This game is become worst in day by day. i love this game very much but the people that doesn't care to its customer is SHAME.
  5. Taculayan

    Taculayan Newbie Gamer

    I found a little loophole earlier. It has something to do with internet connection I think, not servers.

    Try what I did. I tried logging in on my phone and got that -1 ms ping shit. I kept trying but at one point accidentally logged in to my wifi and I was able to play. Asked my friends and other players if they were down and they had no clue what I was talking about.

    So idk but im able to play thru getting past the loading page with wifi but my wifi sux so I also found out that when I got in-game, I switched to my mobile data and it worked like a charm but after the match I was booted. I tried again, this time after the match I switched back to wifi to get into another match and switched to mobile data again once in the match, It worked.

    Ive been able to play that way for now, try it. Fanny main
  6. Norbert

    Norbert Newbie Gamer

    lag for almost 2 weeks since event update. Can you fix this one it make games worst.
  7. Norbert

    Norbert Newbie Gamer

    Mobile Legends fuck this laggy situation....
  8. Libiran

    Libiran Regular Gamer

    hello there, I have a problem with the new update, the game crashes and restarts every 4 minutes with no reason I cleared data,caches, and even the game itself and reinstalled it but it always crashes. .

    another problem but not that important to me; the game crashes also when I open Guides or any event in the Featured section, and also when I try to login with moonton account

    (this problem exists with older updates but didn't matter me, I just wanted to ask) The first problem is my main problem right now
  9. Nawfar

    Nawfar Newbie Gamer

    There have been a few people reporting having bought diamonds that didn't arrive to their account yet. Purchases may be delayed and will arrive shortly, so do not panic if you haven't gotten your diamonds after purchasing right away.

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