Mobile Legends Item building guide: Why you don't need to build boots as first item?

This guide will discuss the advantages of rushing a core item rather than building boots as a first item. The reasons why it is advantageous will also be enumerated and elaborated. Other tips and tricks to utilize and master this tactic will also be shared so make sure to read the guide until the end.


1. Higher Chance to Snowball

Snowball means to get fed. Literally, it means after you get a kill, you have to kill and kill and kill to increase your advantage. It is similar with the snowball that gets bigger and bigger as it rolls on the snowfield. Getting a core item will help you to be snowballed rather than getting boots.

2. Item advantage if the enemy uses the META item building sequence

This tactic is known as one of the Counter-META. Obviously, your hero will get a core item faster than the enemy who only still has boots as a Max Tier item.

3. Win early teamfights

There is a requirement for this to actually be an advantage, and that is to force teamfight. There are tactics like Lane Cut, Pick-off, Ambush and Jungle Invade that can force teamfights so utilize your knowledge on those tactics. You will win teamfights because you are ahead in terms of attack power.

4. Higher chance to secure objectives

Using Kimmy plus Diggie Combination to push turrets within 90 seconds? It is possible because of this tactic. Invading jungle will also be successful because of this tactic. You will also deal higher damage to destroy turrets and kill jungle monsters.

5. You will be early at everything

This generalizes every advantage of this tactic. Early push, early kill, early first core item, early snowball, early jungle invade, early teamfights, and early win!

Why you don't need to build boots as first item?

1. You have movement speed boost from Emblems!

This is only applicable to Assassin, Mage, and Support Emblem. They give up to 10% Movement Speed Boost depending on the level of your emblem.

All heroes have movement speed equal or greater than 240. Ten percent of 240 is 24. Just add normal boots or wooden mask and your movement speed is the same as buying Tier 2 boots that gives 40 movement speed.

2. There are cheaper items that give movement speed.

You can buy Wooden Mask or just normal boots at the start of the game. Then prioritize your first core item to enjoy the advantages of rushing core item instead of boots.

3. You have teammates!

There are heroes such as Rafaela that can help you survive even if you have lesser mobility. Your teammates can cover up for your weakness. Then in return, you must cover up for their lack of damage output. This is applicable for those who play duo, trio or full 5-man set-up. But if you are solo player, there is still one more reason I can give.

4. You play safe early game!

In the current META, most play safe early game. So you don't actually have to worry too much. It will be win-win situation for you even if the enemy play safe or not. But if you don't play safe, it will be lose for you if they play safe. Why? They can delay your farm even more.

Tips and tricks in performing this tactic

1. Buy Wooden Mask at the start of the game if you are playing tank, support, or as an offlaner.

2. An offlaner can buy wooden mask or normal boots depending on how the offlaner trust the ally heroes.

3. Buy normal boots at the start of the game if playing fighter, assassin, mage, or marksman.

4. Prioritize first core item after buying normal boots or wooden mask.

5. A trick to do is you can also pre-set the sequence of your items. Put core item first then boots second. Then at the start of the game, go to shop and buy normal boots. You can do this while walking towards your lane.

6. Avoid walking near "Death Bushes". Death Bushes are those bush that enemies are more likely to hide and ambush you to death.

7. Play safe until you notice that you are ahead in terms of attack power.

8. Utilize your advantages to secure victory!

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