Mobile Legends Item Guide Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Breastplate is one of the most underrated and unused item currently in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Compared to other defense items, this item really gives lower stats. But if analyzed closely, this item is more cost-efficient and even has an advantage over other items. This guide will discussed the benefits and advantages of using this item.

Brute Force Breastplate $1970
  • +770 HP
  • +45 Physical Defense
Unique Passive: Brute Force
Casting a skill or using basic attacks increases movement speed by 3%, Physical and Magical Defense by 4. Lasts 4 seconds. Stacks up to 5 layers.

At max stacks, there will be 15% increase in movement speed and 20 physical and magical defense.

How to activate its passive?
  • Simply use basic attacks or skill to trigger the passive's effect.
  • This is good for kiting because of the increased movement speed.
This can also be built by marksman heroes not only tanks or fighters. I even think that this item is designed for marksman heroes. The reason is that they can trigger the passive easily. With high attack speed, the max stacks can be easily reached. For example, if Claude has this item, he will be tanky while casting his ultimate skill. The movement speed boosts can also help to chase heroes that are trying to escape his ultimate skill.

This will really reduce the attack power and overall damage output of your marksman because you need to sacrifice one item slot for this instead of another attack item. But if you want to solo hypercarry your team up without relying much on your teammates for damage absorption, you might want to a defense item. As a marksman, even if you always stay at the backline, enemy assassins and fighters will also always try to reach and kill you. Use Brute Force Breastplate to lessen your deaths. This item is good against any damage since it gives both Physical and Magical Defense. This item also has a decent HP to absorb some true damage.

This item is actually like a weaker version of Antique Cuirass. This item is cheaper though with a bit lower HP and flat physical defense stat. Brute Force Chestplate has movement speed boosts that Antique Cuirass doesn't have. Another difference is that Antique Cuirass reduced the enemy's physical and magic attack while this item gives the hero hybrid defense. Although, these items are still similar with effect since these at least counters both physical and magic damage dealers.

This is a decent defense item for marksman because of the passive's additional movement speed and hybrid defense. This better counters physical damage but at least, it also gives you some magic defense. Step basic attack step basic attack. That is the basic step to kite an opponent and activate the passive of this item. The additional movement speed will help you to move faster. Just make sure to use basic attacks or skills so that you will trigger the additional movement speed thus kiting is really a must.

Kiting means moving away while dealing damage to the opponent.

Mechanically, there are two basic ways to do this:
  • First mechanic is dragging and hold the joystick in your preferred direction while spamming the basic attack button
  • Second is just drag the joystick once then one basic attack, then repeat but make sure to do this quickly.
Some may argue that mobile marksman heroes like Claude might not need this item. They are mobile enough to escape thus less priority for defense items. But in higher competitive scene, it is fine for marksman heroes to get defense items since the enemy team will most likely target them first unlike in some ranked matches where a marksman can free hit since the enemy doesn't know who to target first.

This is suitable also to the fighter hero, Jawhead. The first skill of Jawhead can be active while you are moving thus enjoying the movement speed boost. Its second skill too where it needs movement speed to lock on a target and throw it to a certain location.

In conclusion, you should consider this item if it suits your hero and the situation. With its cheaper price, this item really looks underrated since it still gives decent stats.

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