Mobile Legends Item Guide Featuring Haas' Claws - High Damage equals High Lifesteal

Haas' Claws is one of the most underrated item. It might not give true damage like Endless Battle nor melt tanks quickly like Demon Hunter Sword but this item is very useful despite of its very cheap price.

Haas' Claws $1810

+70 Physical Attack

UNIQUE: +20% Life Steal

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Insanity:When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical life steal.


Legion Sword + Vampire Mallet


  • It has almost double the price of a Legion Sword for a cost of 10 physical attack difference. This might not be impressive but at least it is higher than most attack items (only except Blade of Despair and Hunter's Strike).
  • The lifesteal that this item gives is the most among all items. The unique passive is still not considered in this case. If it is considered, it is double the lifesteal percentage given by other items (even triple the lifesteal from Endless Battle).
  • In terms of its cost, it is the cheapest among all Tier 3 attack items (Yes. It is much cheaper than Windtalker).
Why does this item considered underrated?

1. No other special features than its lifesteal stat

Endless Battle deals true damage and other useful stats. Demon Hunter Sword increases attack speed and deals damage based on the percentage of the target's current HP. It means the higher the HP, the higher the damage.

In spite of not having those features, at least Haas' Claws dominates those two items in terms of physical attack and physical lifesteal given.

2. Easily countered

Necklace of Durance and Sea Halberd greatly reduce this item's utility thus this item is a high risk high reward type.

3. The current META

Because of the funnel strategy, the carry hero can easily farm gold that is why even if other items are not cost-efficient, most prefers to buy it.

Balancing these breakdowns, let's apply it to came up with the heroes that is best to use this item.

Some heroes that will best have this item

1. Hanabi

As a hero that needs to always have full HP bar to be immune to crowd control abilities, Hanabi needs this item not only to deal more damage but also to increase her survivability especially in prolonged teamfights.

2. Jawhead

Some players might not know this but Jawhead also needs to use basic attacks to maximize his potential. After the consecutive nerfs to Endless Battle, pro players tried to find a substitute lifesteal item and it is the Haas' Claws.

3. Helcurt

Helcurt is a squishy hero that is even likely to have low health when a teamfight finishes. Thus in order not to recall back and waste time, Helcurt can simply use basic attacks to replenish its health. This also synergizes well with Helcurt's mechanic that it needs to use basic attacks to stack its second skill.

Demon Hunter Sword and Endless Battle were discovered to be overused thus the developers made adjustments to them. This is now the time for the Haas' Claws to shine and rise to the META!

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