Mobile Legends Item Guide - Glowing Wand the tank killer for mage heroes

Glowing Wand is a very flexible item in a way that burst mage heroes or support heroes can build this item effectively.

Glowing Wand $2120

+75 Magic Power
+400 HP
+5% Movement Speed

UNIQUE PASSIVE- Scorch: Skill damage will burn targets for 3 seconds when they hit, dealing 1%/1.75%/2.5% of the targets Max HP as Magic Damage (10 damage minumum)

BUILD PATH: Exotic Veil + Mystery Codex +
Vitality Crystal

COST when using Mystery Shop Talent: $1908
SELL: $1272

This item gives the 4th highest magic power stat in game next to Bloodwings, Holy Crystal, and Clock of Destiny.

It also gives HP unlike most magic items. That is why this is also good for support heroes.

The additional movement speed is also helpful to mages so that they can escape faster or to simply dodge attacks or to kite enemies.

How the passive works?

The damage depends on how many times you hit the target with skills within 3 seconds. The passive will burn the target once per second.

Example: Nana's Skills

The 1st second will apply to the 1% then when the boomerang hits the target as it went back to Nana, 1.75% applies. Then if Molina transformed the target, the 2.5% applies. The 2.5% will continue as long as Nana can hit the target with skills within 3s.

If you only hit the target with Molina, only the 1% will apply for the whole 3 seconds.

If only the skill 1 hits twice, the 1st second will apply the 1% and the 2nd and 3rd seconds will apply the 1.75%

Glowing Wand's Passive also adds one stack for the passive of Ice Queen Wand and Genius Wand.

Heroes that commonly uses this item

1. Nana - as a support or even burst mage type Nana, she can build this item since her skills are for poking.

2. Kimmy - since Demon Hunter Sword is ineffective to her, Glowing Wand is the key to easily deplete the health points of high HP heroes like tanks.

3. Harley - his first skill casts 9 cards. If all those cards hit, Glowing Wand passive alone can reduce the enemy's HP by 20%

4. Valir - since Valir can spam skill 1 as long as it hits an enemy hero, he can also abuse the passive of glowing wand.

Those are just some of the notable heroes that uses Glowing Wand

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