Mobile Legends Item Remembrance


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May 1, 2019
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Welcome back again to Item Remembrance and today were gonna tackle the item

Ancient Ghostatue

Ancient Ghostatue

+920 HP
+50 HP Regen
+5% CD Reduction

Unique Passive: Runner- When out of combat for 5 seconds, increase movement speed by 60

OP or NOP?
OP, you might be wondering why is it OP well for alot of reasons
1. Very good for fast roaming
2. A lifesaver if someone is chasing you
3. You can sell your boots if you bought this item, it works just like Rapid Boots
4. Helps you to get in or out of teamfights fast
5. Perfect for heroes that have high movement speed like helcurt

This was Bane's core item back in the days he wasnt octopus man, his ult before was he sends out a battleship in front and it slowly moves forward when enemies are in the area they will get damaged, works on turret, so the main thing about this item is when Bane throws out his ult to a turret he then goes to another lane and throw another ult if available and since the item has 5% cd reduc his ult will be up in a flash

The only downfall of this item is that it doesnt have armor or magic resist and it gives small amount of hp