Mobile Legends January 2023 Grand Collection Exclusive Skin - Dyrroth Naraka Flame

To start off the year 2023, aside from a Starlight skin, the January 2023 Grand Collection exclusive skin is also planned to be released in the first week of the year. In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official YouTube channel, there is a preview of the skin Dyrroth - Naraka Flame. This would be Dyrroth's sixth skin to add to his skin gallery and will join the following skins: Orochi Chris, Prince of Light, Ruins Scavenger, Scalebore, and his V.E.N.O.M. Squad skin, a.k.a. Cobra.


At the beginning of the preview, there is an animation that hints that this skin is related to Franco's Legend skin that was just released recently. A claw or a hook caught the falling Dyrroth and it looks like the fighter hero reborns. The Franco skin is also visible in the battlefield demo. In this skin, Dyrroth wears a what it seems a Japanese-themed clothing.


In terms of skill effects, the main color used is purple. There are also fiery streaks as splash effects. These are all visible from his skills and basic attacks. There is also a notable difference between his skills depending on his passive charge. There is a difference in animation as shown in the preview.

Here is the official preview of the January 2023 Collector skin:

Just like the recent collector skins, Dyrroth - Naraka Flame has its own idle actions and random animations. The Grand Collection event is also expected to feature two previous collector skins wherein the players can choose to obtain those instead of this new Dyrroth skin. The date of release based on the preview is on January 5, 2023, ML: BB Server Time.

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