Mobile Legends January 2024 leaks: upcoming skins, anime collaboration, January Starlight, and the return of KOF and Dawning Stars events

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang leaks for the first month of 2024 revealed the upcoming skins, events, and the newest anime skin collaboration event.


January will be an exciting month for players and anime fans alike, as MLBB will be having the much anticipated collaboration with the hit anime series Attack on Titan, which is expected to roll out in January 2024.

As hinted this year, the skin collaboration will most likely feature the main cast members of Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager as Yin, Mikasa Ackerman as Fanny, and Martis as Levi Ackerman. Moreover, players will also get the chance to obtain exclusive in-game rewards, including recall effects, emotes, avatar borders, and more.

The event layout for the Attack on Titan x MLBB collaboration will also be similar to the Mistbenders event, as the exclusive collaboration skins also cost 1200 Crests.


Leaks also revealed the return of the KOF (King of Fighter) collaboration bingo event for a limited time from January 2 to January 21, 2024. It will bring all six KOF exclusive skins, along with various skins ranging from collector up to the lowest variant that can be obtained from the bingo draw.

Aside from the KOF bingo event, the Dawning Stars event will return as well on January 15 until February 13, 2024. It will feature all the superhero skins, including Bruno’s Firebolt superhero skin, Esmeralda’s Foreseer superhero skin, Chou’s Thunderfist superhero skin, Lancelot’s Swordmaster superhero skin, and Vale’s Blizzard Storm superhero skin.

Players will also get the chance to obtain exclusive rewards like emotes, elimination effects, spawns, and recall effects.


The monthly starlight event will feature Bruno for the month of January 2024 with futuristic cool visuals and flashy skill effects. Bruno’s starlight skin is called “Street Hype," showcasing Bruno as a cool and skilled street footballer.

Other exclusive rewards can be obtained as well after purchasing the starlight pass, including the exclusive Starlight painted skin, exclusive emotes, sacred statue, name background color, and an exclusive trail effect.


On January 6, 2024, the newest addition to the MLBB Legend skin will also be released in the Magic Wheel event shop, and Freya is the bearer of this legend skin. The skin comes along with exclusive custom actions, in-game skin effects, and the anticipated recall animation effect.


The fighter hero Lapu-lapu will also get a new collector skin, Adlaws Chosen, in January, along with two other collector skins of Clint and Luo Yi. It is still unclear regarding the specific date of its release.

Additionally, Gatotkaca’s epic skin, the Tide Preserver, and Natan’s Temporal Vortex special skin will also be released on January 8 and 24, respectively. Gatotkaca’s epic skin will be available for 629 diamonds in the first week of its release and for a regular price of 899 diamonds a week later. Meanwhile, Natan’s special skin will cost 529 diamonds for its first week of launching and 749 diamonds for a regular price.

With days to go before 2023 ends, Mobile Legends will definitely start the year 2024 with a bang, as the month of January is filled with exciting events and new skins for players to look forward to.