Mobile Legends January Starlight Skin Valir Dictator - Is it worthy to buy?

Valir Dictator is the first starlight skin for the year 2020. As part of the rewards of the starlight purchase, the skin is one of the most important factor that players analyzed if a starlight purchase will be worth it. Here are the overview of this skin's model, entrance animation, and skill effects.

Skin Model

Valir wears an eyepatch that blocks his right eye. His clothes also suits with the name of the skin. In his right hand, a weapon that casts flames can be seen. The steampunk style dictator concept is perfect since Valir uses the power of flames. Good Model for a Starlight Skin.

Entrance Animation

Valir catches his weapon with his right hand. He then swirls it and created a circle of fire in the center. What a fiery entrance for his weapon, and for Valir of course. This is one of the best entrance animation for a Valir Skin.

Skill Effects

Valir's basic attack is more fiery. It is almost similar with his first skill in his default skin. Generally, the flames he casts is more darker than the normal. His first skill casts a darker flame. His second skill after casting leaves a firewall that looks very realistic. He is also surrounded by darker flames when he casts his ultimate skill. The enhanced first skill and second skill is also better than the normal ones.

Purchase the January Starlight Membership to obtain this great skin of Valir! Tune in for more informations about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang