Mobile Legends July 2022 Collector Skin - Luo Yi Elysium Guardian Heavenly Artifact skin preview

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is adding another skin on their new skin series, Heavenly Artifact, a collector skin which would be named as Luo Yi - Elysium Guardian. This upcoming skin has a preview video posted in the official YouTube channel of ML: BB. The Heavenly Artifact skin series also already had a collector skin on it which is Zilong - Empyrean Paladin which seems that this skin series will be for the eastern-inspired heroes like Zilong and Luo Yi. Here are the details from the Elysium Guardian preview video.


In this skin, Luo Yi now wears a long robe and the overall clothing and her hair color follows a certain color palette which is similar with Zilong's collector skin that will be on the same skin series as this upcoming skin. Thus, the dominant colors in this skin are also gold and white. These colors are also visible in her skill effects. Just like the recent collector skins too, this skin comes with random actions and idle animations.


For the skill effects of her skill 1, she casts an orb that will either be a shade of blue or shade of gold in color. The area-of-effect (AoE) of her skill 2 also still follows the same coloring and pattern of the Yin and Yang. The most notable skill effect is the animation of her ultimate skill. It is like an improved version of the AoE of her skill 2 and the teleportation animation is like an enhanced version of the skill 1 effect.


Here is the official preview of the Elysium Guardian skin:

There is no specific date of release mentioned in the preview but expect this skin to come soon. It will probably be on the second week of July 2022. The preview also teased something about a mysterious perk by obtaining both Zilong - Empyrean Paladin collector skin and this Luo Yi - Elysium Guardian Luo Yi skin.

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