Mobile Legends July 2022 Starlight Perks featuring Nana's Cyclone Clash starlight exclusive skin

After the huge update in June 2022, there will be more great upcoming contents for the next month. This July 2022, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang starlight skin will be for the hero, Nana, to be named as Cyclone Clash. A video was posted in official ML: BB YouTube channel that shows the July 2022 Starlight perks and here are the details.


In Nana - Cyclone Clash skin, she is wearing a long-sleeve green jacket while her hair and tail are colored with a shade of orange. In the background and entrance animation of this skin, color yellow has been a dominant color and it is also noticeable that the spray paint she is using has a color yellow paint inside the spray can. This color yellow is also dominant in the skill effects of this skin.


The skill effects are shown in the trailer video while Nana is in the battlefield. The splash effects are yellow and the most notable is the skill effect of her ultimate skill. Her name, Nana, will popped out on each paw print of her ultimate skill. The other in-game items like Battle Emote and Nana Sacred Statue featured in the video as part of starlight perks are also in-themed with this skin.


There is also a painted Luo Yi skin as part of the starlight perks along with the pool options on what the starlight member should pick as their choice of Starlight skin. Starlight members can choose other starlight skins in the July 2022 Starlight pool instead of Nana - Cyclone Clash. The other four skins in the starlight skin pool for this month are the starlight skins of Lapu-Lapu, Karina, Irithel, and Chou.

Here is the official preview of ML:BB July 2022 Starlight Perks:

The July 2022 starlight perks will be available on July 1, 2022, ML: BB Server Time (4 P.M. in Philippine Standard Time, GMT+8). The usual starlight members benefits are also still available like the privileges to use some skins and heroes for a limited time in limited game modes. Check out all of the available perks once this come in-game.

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