Mobile Legends July 2024 Exclusive Grand Collection Skin - Layla Paranormal Operative skin preview

One of the most known and loved heroes in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is about to get a new skin this July 2024. Layla is one of the most popular known by newbies and veterans alike because she is one of the icons of the game. She will get a new skin and it will be the July 2024 Collector skin. The skin is named Paranormal Operative and a preview of this skin is posted in the official YouTube channel of MLBB. Here are some of the information about this skin that includes the skill effects and add-ons.


Layla - Paranormal Operative redresses Layla to surround her with oriental vibes. She is wearing a long-sleeve dress and pleated skirt. The color combination includes a vibrant red, black, and white palette. Her long twintails also now have golden bells that are paired with her playful and adorable vibe and makes her lively looking. In terms of skill effects, her skill 2 and ultimate skill are very notable. It features her bunny that also serves as her mark to her targets. When she uses skill 2, she will cast her cute bunny in a carrot missile while her bunny helps her launch a powerful ultimate skill.


This collector skin will come on the official server on July 10, 2024. This will be found on the Shop or Event Menu and look for the tab with the collector skin. Actual contents and visuals will be seen in-game as it varies depending on the player’s settings. The preview also has an Idle Animation while in entrance animation and in-battle. Just like the recently-released Collector skins, this skin also has a random action in battle where she jumps while moving.

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