Mobile Legends June 2022 Revamped Skins Preview - Vexana Sanguine Rose; Two Summer skins

As part of the huge update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for June 2022, there will be some skins getting revamped. This includes a revamped skin for each one of the three Rise of Necrokeep heroes. The summer skins of Hayabusa and Kagura also will receive a revamp. Here are the details shown in the June 2022 Revamped skins preview posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel.


The first revamped skin shown in the preview is Vexana's skin, Sanguine Rose. Aside from a new model, the skills effects of this skin are improved to also match the changes on the skills of Revamped Vexana. Each of Vexana's active skills in this skin was shown in the video and compares side-by-side from the previous version.


Hayabusa - Sushi Master and Kagura - Summer Festival will also received skill effects improvements. Their skill effects will now be on par with the great skill effects animation of the latter released skins of their rarity type. The display animation of both of these skills are also optimized and shown in the preview.


Here is the preview of the ML:BB June 2022 Revamped Skins

The Rise of Necrokeep Project NEXT heroes will also have one skin each to be revamped. For Vexana, her skin will now be named Cursed Shackle. For Faramis, it will be Dark Necro. And for Leomord, the skin to be revamped is Hell Knight. Their other skins will be revamped in the future as teased in the video too.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!