Mobile Legends June 2023 Grand Collection Event Skin - Paquito Blazing Tiger skin preview

This month's Grand Collection Event will feature one of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fighter heroes, Paquito. The June 2023 exclusive collector skin is Paquito - Blazing Tiger. This is his sixth skin that will join his previously-released skins of Death Blow, Fulgent Punch, Fist of Light, Underground Boxer, and the Manny Pacquiao skin. A preview of Blazing Tiger is posted in the official YouTube channel of MLBB and here are the details.


As the skin name suggests, the concept seems to be to take the term "southpaw" to a whole new level. Southpaw is a common term used in boxing to refer to left-handed fighters. Paquito has a skill name Heavy Left Punch which suggest he may be a southpaw. Tiger's feet can also be called Paws and thus, this skin features Paquito in an armor covered with a Tiger fiery aura. His eyes, ears, and fists all looks blazing which would also be highlighted in this skin's skill effects.


Whenever he gets shield, he will be wrapped inside a blazing sphere. His punches attacks will also have fiery splash effects just like in his enhanced Heavy Left Punch skill. For his ultimate skill, Knockout Strike, a paw will literally come out from the south (from the ground) with razor sharp claws. That wraps up the great additional details added to this skin making it very worthy of being tagged as a Collector skin with a very high quality on par of 2023 MLBB skins standard.

Here is the official preview of Blazing Tiger:

Paquito - Blazing Tiger is now available in the in-game Shop under the Grand Collection tab. It will be obtainable via that event that will last 3 three weeks, based on the in-game Server Time (Events ends on June 24, 2023). Check out the actual contents and visuals in-game.

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