Mobile Legends June 2023 Starlight Perks - Thamuz Sanctified Flame as exclusive skin along with other rewards

The Starlight skins of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game just keeps on getting better and better. This June 2023, the exclusive starlight skin is Thamuz - Sanctified Flame. This is just Thamuz's fifth skin that will join his skin collection of Abyssal Reaper, Liquid Fire, Lord of Wraith, and the collab skin General Kai. A preview of this skin along with the other starlight perks are posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel and here are the details.


This skin seems a good contrast on Thamuz' original concept. The skin model portrays Thamuz as an angelic warrior by having light blue, silver, and gold color combinations. These color combinations are also visible in his skill effects as his scythe has gold edges while he is covered in blue aura.


His first skill and second skill are there to emphasize his attacks by adding splash and trail effects every time he deals damage. Then, his ultimate skill is the highlight as it seems he has angel wings where his enhanced power is coming from. The preview demonstrated his skill effects quickly before going over to the other benefits of purchasing Starlight membership.

Here is the official preview of the June 2023 Starlight:

Thamuz - Sanctified Flame will be obtainable for the whole month of June 2023, releasing starting June 1, MLBB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). The starlight rewards is still obtainable via a level-up system where players can level up the starlight pass by getting points via tasks and other sources. The starlight shop is also still available and the preview showed Annual starlight skins of Kagura and Hayabusa being exchangeable in there.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!