Mobile Legends Karina Jungler Tank Guide - Thunderbelt is the core item

Guild of Guardians
Karina has been one of the best and most used junglers currently. She is commonly built as a tank as she is still able to deal damage and be tanky at the same time. Here's a guide on how to use this tactic.


Karina Jungler Tank Build still deals decent damage as Karina's passive deals true damage based on Lost HP. It means the lower the HP of the target, the higher the true damage. That is why even with full tank build, her damage will be relatively decent and this seems to be an efficient tactic right now as it will make Karina harder to kill while still being able to deal decent damage.


For the preparation, Spell will be retribution as a jungler. Emblem will still be Mage Emblem for the Mystery Shop talent. For the items, the recommendation would be a build with only defense items. Boots will be Warrior/Tough Boots. Core Item would be Thunderbelt and the rest will depend on the situation/preference.

The reason why Thunderbelt will be the core item is because of its passive that provides additional true damage which synergizes with Karina's skill + basic attack mechanic especially with skill 1. The Thunderbolt passive also provides AoE Slow effect. That is aside from the other helpful stats too like a high HP and physical defense to be tanky. This item also provides Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction.

Its component, Azure Blade, will help Karina to deal damage early game as it also has a passive that provides true damage. It also gives CDR and Mana Regen.


For the rotation, Karina may start at the purple buff. Unlock skill 2 and hit both creeps with it. If done properly, Karina can clear it within the 40-second mark even without using Retribution spell. This is faster than junglers which gives her an advantage and even contest for the lithowanderer even if it is on the bottom side and there she can use the retribution that was not used to take the purple buff.

Karina is relatively easy to use and with tank build, she will be more fun to play. Enjoy diving in the teamfights killing targets while being able to absorb a lot of damage.

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