Mobile Legends Khaleed Desert Scimitar

Desert Scimitar Khaleed is available for a free trial on the Advanced Server for a limited time. Purchase is unavailable. Hero Feature: A swift and dauntless fighter who battles with the help of the Desert Power.

Skill 1 - Desert Tornado
Khaleed shoots sand knives, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Upon hitting the enemy, he leaps one time in the movement direction and casts this skill again for a maximum of 5 times.

Skill 2 - Quicksand Guard
Khaleed protects himself with the power of quicksand, restoring HP and Desert Power and reducing damage taken. Meanwhile, quicksand appears under his feet, slowing nearby enemies.

Ultimate - Raging Sandstorm
Khaleed summons a sandstorm and rushes toward a designated place, gaining Control Immunity, dealing damage to enemies on the path and constantly pushing them. Upon arriving at the destination, Khaleed shakes the ground, dealing great damage to enemies within the range and stunning them.

Passive - Sand Walk
Khaleed accumulates Desert Power while moving. After Desert Power is fully charged, Khaleed will slide on sand, increasing Movement Speed and enhancing his next Basic Attack. With the enhanced Basic Attack, Khaleed dashes to the target and raises a wave of surging sand, dealing damage to the target and enemies behind and leaving a pool of sand. Khaleed gains Movement Speed on the sand pool while his enemies are slowed on it.