Mobile Legends Kimmy Charge Leader Skin Review

The new skin Kimmy - Charge Leader is a special skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model

She wears clothes of an army. She still has her jetpack at the back to make her fly and she holds a gun on her right hand. This skin model is great.

Entrance Animation

The entrance animation shows Kimmy firing everywhere. It might be quick and simple but it is action-packed and great.

Skill Effects

Her basic attacks is a bit smaller with this skin making it less visible.

Her first skill makes her basic attacks a bit larger and it explodes upon contact with a target

Her second skill leaves a track of lava that burns out a target. This is the best skill effect for this skin. It looks very realistic.

Her ultimate skill is also good since the concept is that she will charge up his gun and fire up a power balloon missile.

Overall, the skill effects are amazing! From the fiery effects up to the explosiveness!

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