Mobile Legends Lag Fix - Cure tha Cancer!

Base on my own personal experience and numerous observations, I think there are 2 prevailing problems that the majority of players of ML commonly encounter.

Number one is on the technical side: lag. Lagging is considered the bane of all ranked games and the cause of player's frustration in getting along, a painful losing streak that leads them to a certain a moment where the urge to uninstall the is growing steadily like a cancer on them.

Speaking of cancer, the second one pertains to the players themselves. Sure you have mastered the hero you use, created the best build and even a skin to buff your character and yet you end up being defeated because for some reason your teammates forgot the fact that their hero has no infinite lives and charge right ahead of the turret like Kamikaze bomber. In short, they are what we called "Kansers".

So to help fix and cure these, here are something I came up with: simple tips and guidelines that hopefully can help us enjoy ML more.

Lagi Na Lang Lag: It's Causes and How To Fix It

Lagging happens sometimes especially in online games where many players cluster together to play in serves. There are actually many factors why this happens. Common cause includes your personal internet connection, high ping level, low specs of your device, and sudden Frame Per Second (FPS) dropped.

The first rule to consider here is to check whether your phone can handle the memory dump of Mobile Legends as you completely downloaded all its resources. Afterward, you can try the following basics:
  1. Close all other apps the runs in your phone's background especially those who instantly connect to your internet. You can switch their notif off in your setting as well.
  2. Clear your phone's memor cache
  3. Delete all junk files and turn off Auto Update and Auto Synch features
  4. Restart your ML app and try activating the Speed Mode.
Now if you still encounter a sudden drop in FPS as if all your characters are in slow-mo, go to ML's setting and try to adjust the following on its Graphic set-up:
  1. Turn off Outlines
  2. Turning Off Camer Height Can prevent FPS but makes some inconvenience in your gameplay due to the narrow view of the game.
  3. For low spec phoned, turning off HD mode and HFR mode can help you increase your FPS.
  4. Turn off Shadows
  5. Turning Off Damage Text can also help but it might affect your gameplay since there will be no damage indicator anymore.
  6. Keep Optimization FPS always On
  7. Adjust your graphics level to Medium
  8. Go to Network Detection and click Cache Clearing.
If the lagging still persists due to high ping, you can try downloading apps in your Apple Store or Google Play like Gamer Booster and Ping Gamer to help you lessen the Ping level.

Gamot sa Big C: Curing Cancer in ML

Honestly, there is no cure for cancer in ML just like in reality. However, minimizing its gruesome effect is quite possible. Here is something I suggest that you can try:
  1. Communicate well with your teammates. As much as you hate Cancers, try not to be tempted to saying "bobo" and "feeder" to them but instead call their attention for a strategy.

    If so happen you encounter players who are a novice in team play, guide them patiently by giving specific commands (push lanes first, don't go for a kill but farm instead).

    ML is getting toxic nowadays and toxicity can be the reason why Cancer player is prevalent.

  2. Manage your team wisely. Sometimes you want to play a particular hero at the expense of having a broken line-up (I experience once having an all-marksmen team and we end up having a total team wipe out).

    Avoid doing this is on a constant basis but instead try mastering different heroes with a different role so you can adjust whether your team needs a tank, marksmen, or a supporter.
How about those AFK-loving players? Well, there is no cure for that. ML would punish them still so don't be upset too much.

If you truly wanted to avoid random cancer players then invite your friends for a scheduled ranked match instead; you know them well and their game style so you can enjoy the game without experiencing cancer players.