Mobile Legends Lancelot Guide - Secure objectives easily

Lancelot is an assassin hero with very high agility while dealing signifcant damage to the enemies he faces. He is classified as an assassin, charge/burst hero. In this guide, proper gameplay tips will be discussed including how to secure objectives and win in teamfights using Lancelot.


Revamped Passive - [Soul Cutter]:

Each time Lancelot charges, his damage is increased for a short period. Stackable for several times.

Latest adjustment (Patch 1.5.38)

Passive (↓):
Damage increased by each charge: 10% → 7.5% with the limit unchanged.

Skill 1: Puncture

Charges towards the targeted direction dealing points of physical damage, the target will be etched with a sword mark, if the target hit did not have a sword mark then Puncture's cooldown will refresh

Skill 2: Thorned Rose

Performs an amazing sword technique within an area that may strike enemies up to 3 times, dealing physical damage and slowing enemy by 3% for 1s on each hit. The slow effect stacks.

Ultimate Skill: Phantom Execution

After a short period of charging, Lancelot performs a executioner's strike in a forward direction, he is invincible throughout the process, dealing points of physical damage to his enemies.

Skill Tips

1. Prioritize Skill 2 over Skill 1
2. Basic Skill Combo is Ult > 1st > 2nd > Basic Attack > 1st


Recommended Emblem is Assassin

Put 3 pts to physical attack and physical pen

Or 3 pts to movement speed and physical pen

Use Bounty Hunter or High and Dry Talent

Recommended Battle Spell: Retribution

Recommended Item Build:

Warrior Boots
Raptor Machete
Endless Battle
Blade of Despair
Queen's Wings

You may also switch Queen's Wings or Immortality to Rose Gold Meteor depending on situation and preference.

Teamfight Tips

1. You may use skill 1 to dash towards the enemy. Better if you hit a target.

2. Your 1st skill and ultimate skill are charge skills which trigger your passive thus increases your damage by 10% each time you use a charge skill.

3. Use skill 1 to trigger passive. Then use ultimate skill to trigger the 10% damage boost. Then use second skill to deal the 20% damage boost. Then skill 1 again to deal the 30% damage boost on your next attacks.

4. Use basic attacks when your skills are all in cooldown. These are also affected by your passive thus making your basic attacks much more powerful.

Gameplay Strategies

1. Buy hunter's knife at the start of the game and go to the orange buff location immediately.

2. Focus on jungling to reach level 4 quickly. Afterwards, you can force teamfights by ambushing lanes.

3. Use retribution at the right timing to secure buffs, turtle, lord and even steal enemy jungle.

4. Use your 1st skill to go to the enemy backline through the enemy frontline heroes.

5. Target enemy main damage dealers first.

6. Save your 1st skill or ultimate skill as a way to disengage or escape in teamfights

7. Manually aim your skills so that you won't be mispositioned.

8. To deal the maximum damage possible when using your skill 2, aim it in a way that your main target will be at the center of the triangle area of effect.

9. Lancelot is one of the best heroes in last hitting jungle monsters including Turtle and Lord because he can use skill 2 plus Retribution at the same time to deal huge damage in one time.

Lancelot is really a good hero because of his abilities and can be used in solo queue matches to carry the game to victory.

Hope you learned something in this guide. If you find this helpful, share this to your friends and stay tuned!