Mobile Legends Land of Dawn World Map


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Jul 7, 2019
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World Map: Northern Vale

The Northern Vale is located in the northernmost part of the Land of Dawn, and is the coldest place on the continent. The extremely harsh environment has created the stubborn and unyielding characteristics of the Northern Vale people.

Megalith Wasteland (Remains of the Giants )

The Megalith Wasteland with its crimson ground is a place one must pass through when going to the Northern Vale, the landform is towering and barren. In the empty wasteland, there are huge megaliths towering into the clouds. These megaliths were built by Iceland Golems and used to serve as a powerful magic forcefield stopping the Golems from entering the south from the north. With the demise of the Iceland Golems, the magic forcefield was abandoned, becoming a relic that amazed future generations.

Heroes: Hilda

Magic Academy (A holy place for learning magic)

The Magic Academy is mysterious and ancient, and only those who have received an invitation or possess magic talent can find its entrance in the north.

Heroes: Eudora, Gord, Harley, Lylia

Northern Vale: Queens Peak (High mountains rising into the clouds)

Queens Peak is located in the northwest of the Northern Vale. The snow-capped mountains protruding from this strange peak are like towers rising straight into the sky, standing among isolated islands, The climate around Queens Peak is cold. Snow and ice cover this place all year round. Standing on the peak, you can see the magnificent and colorful aurora, but almost no ordinary people can reach the top of Queens Peak.

Heroes: Aurora, Franco, Popol and Kupa, Masha

Frozen Sea (Trade route laid out with icebergs)

This place makes up the waters north of the Northern Vale, with icebergs floating all year round. It was originally not suitable for trade, but due to the rise of the Abyss, the seas south of the mainland began facing threats, and the Frozen Ocean became the only route for many ancient ships. As trade flourished, pirate groups emerged at the same time. Because of their existence, the Frozen Ocean became less peaceful.

Heroes: Atlas, Bane

Great Martyr Shrine (Temple of the Northern Vale)

The Martyrs' Shrine is located in the center of the Northern Vale. The ancestors of the Northern Vale people, the Icefielders, built this shrine for worship and gatherings. After the extinction of the Iceland Golems, this temple remained abandoned until the Northern Vale people discovered it again and named it the Martyrs' Shrine. This is the port of their belief: the entrance to Valhalla.

Heroes: Freya

Kastiya (Zhask's Lair)

This was an unknown place in the Land of Dawn. But since Zhask came here through a crack of time and space, he transformed it into a frightening Swarm nest. Zhask named this place "Kastiya" - his hometown.