Mobile Legends' latest update will feature a revamped Main User Interface

The impending Main User Interface (UI) Revamp has been teased on the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang social media accounts, despite the fact that we are all aware that the Emblem Revamp is still a work in progress in the Advanced Server. To increase the value of the game for players, the Main User Interface Revamp would include a modification in the Main Screen Appearance as well as an optimization to certain of the User Interface Systems.


Why is Mobile Legends revamping its Main UI?​

There are several reasons as to why the developers decided to push through with the modifications on the game's Main User Interface. They are as listed below.

Player Feedbacks​

The Devs revealed that some players have advocated that the Main Interface ought to undergo an update whenever a new season or game version is released. This would result in increased originality with each new season or game release. Furthermore, Moonton went on to say that they would rather prefer if the wallpaper for the main user interface was themed after the most recent hero release.

Interface Optimizations​

The developers do plan to use the redesigned main user interface to optimize the game, make it less clunky, and make it simpler for users to access certain features.

New Hero Spotlight​

There are 121 heroes in MLBB as of Ixia's debut on the Advanced Server, therefore that was another justification offered by the developers. Additionally, the variety of Heroes or playable characters in MOBA games is highly valued by gamers. The devs plan to give each recently launched hero an opportunity to be in the spotlight in light of this. As a result, any recently launched hero would be visible on the Main interface after the modification.

To simplify, Moonton decided to modify the Main User Interface in order to address the following:
  • Simplicity - The Main UI will be made to look and function as simple as possible by the game developers. Non-essential features may also be hidden or compiled, according to the developers. When players need to access these concealed or compiled non-essential features, they can do so with ease.
  • Heroes - The developers plan to permit any newly released hero to stand on the main Interface as soon as they are published in-game, as was already mentioned. Additionally, this would make it simpler for more players to get acquainted with the new hero. On the debut of a new hero, the developers do plan to include a related theme tune and other supplemental materials.
  • Performance - Most players may be concerned about whether the game will still operate properly on their device because the Revamp will bring about a number of changes. The developers responded to our concerns by assuring us that despite the many adjustments that will be made, the game will continue to function even more smoothly on low-end devices.


It is important to note that developers did begin planning for the Main Interface Revamp as early as December 2021. The Devs have finally done the last-minute tweaks necessary to create a new Main Interface design as of April 2023 while making up some improvements and optimizations.



As the interface aspects are put in a more unique sequence, the new and updated version of the user interface draft does appear very cool and nice. With this, a lot of players will anticipate seeing new heroes on the Main UI once the revamp launches.