Mobile Legends Lawsuit Dismissed, Islands of Nyne, Onmyoji Arena and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! The fake news circulating about Mobile Legends paying Tencent, Mobile Legends Professional League in the Philippines, GrandChase M hackers, RoS Global Series, Islands of Nyne and Onmyoji Arena

  • For the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League in the Philippines
  • According to MET events, there will be 8 of the Philippines best teams to participate for the Grand Finals
  • The teams are
    • Aether Main
    • Aether Valkyrie
    • DigitalDevils Demon Kings
    • DigitalDevils No Limit
    • DigitalDevils Pro Gaming
    • Invictus Godz
    • Obsidian Gaming
    • at White Rascals
  • The team which secures victory in the best-of-three grand finals series will be taking home the lion’s share of the USD 50,000 + USD 14,168 grand cash prize
  • For those interested to watch
  • This will be a two-day event that will be held in Mall of Asia’s Music Hall on June 30 to July 1
  • With a free entrance

GrandChase hackers

  • Recently GrandChase was revived for the mobile devices
  • However, an issue came up wherein some players have abnormal stats
  • meaning is that something fishy going on
  • And because of this 250 accounts has been banned from playing the game
  • because apparently, this is a form of cheating wherein some players are using third party software to change their stats
  • GG

Rules of Survival
  • For Rules of Survival Teams this years, RGS or RoS Global Series registration is now open
  • The SEA regional clash will have a 110,000 USD prize pool wherein you get a chance to represent your region for the championship
  • Here are some basic requirements
  • Players must sign up as 4 teams and assign a team leader
  • the team may have substitute player for backup
  • Players must be at least 16 years old
  • Players can only join one team
  • So those are the basic requirements
  • Are you going to join? let us knows in the comments
  • oo nga pala if cheater ka wag kana umasa

Islands of Nyne

  • The Islands of Nyne a New sci-fi battle royale have started its Steam Early Access
  • This game is developed by Define Human Studios LLC for almost 3 years
  • In which they add their own spin on the battle royale genre by incorporating sci fi elements
  • Similar to Fortnite and PUBG the game is running on Unreal Engine but still manages to have a different aesthetic and not just blatantly copying like “RoS” haha
  • According to the developer, the game will include multiple game modes, character customizations, a ranking system, leaderboards, custom servers and many more
  • Do note that the game is not free as the game cost 550php in the Philippines

Onmyoji Arena

  • The developer of Rules of Survival has released a new android game called Onmyoji Arena
  • This game is a MOBA like Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor
  • but before you get turned off and think this is another MOBA,
  • the game is based from Japanese style RPG - JRPG in short
  • and set in the Heian period
  • You will also notice familiar Anime characters like Inuyasha
  • the game is also voiced by legendary voice talents from animes like Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama, Code Geass and many more
  • Onmyoji Arena will have the typical 5v5 and a new 3v3v3 battle royale mode

Mobile Legends lawsuit was dismissed
  • Last week you might have heard that tencent wins in the lawsuit against mobile legends developer moonton
  • Many have said that Mobile Legends will close down
  • As it turns out this is not the case - Fake News! actually, kahit kame naloko haha
  • as this is the truth and what really happened -> Riot Games parent company Tencent wins 2.9 million ins lawsuit against moonton CEO
  • this was corrected even by the source dot esports
  • It means the case was not against Mobile Legends but from the CEO directly Xu Zhenhua
  • why did this happen? let's go back to the first case
  • if you remember Riot Games filed a lawsuit against Mobile Legends
  • But what happened is that case was actually dismissed - it means hindi ito tinanggap sa korte at walang na pala ang Riot at Tencent
  • but it didn't end there
  • because Tencent apparently filed a separate non-disclosure and non-compete lawsuit against Xu Zhenhua
  • The court documents according to the source does not even mention Mobile Legends or Moonton in the new case
  • so it's like a separate issue altogether
  • and finally, it was concluded that Tencent wins on that case wherein the Xu Zhenhua has to pay to Tencent
  • in which it was also not disclosed if this was a settlement or payment for the case
  • So in summary the original lawsuit of riot games wherein they have copyright claims against mobile legends was dismissed - last year pa
  • and the news circulating now is basically not related to mobile legends at all but to an employee of Moonton
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