Mobile Legends: Layla Is There Any Better Unstoppable Build?? 8 Minute Surrender MVP Full Gameplay

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Jan 14, 2017
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Mobile Legends: Layla Is There Any Better Build Than This?? Unstoppable Build 8 Minute Surrender MVP Full Gameplay

If you struggle with Layla item build, you need to watch this Mobile Legends video. I experiment a lot and I think this one is pretty promising. When you play Mobile Legends with Layla, you need to try this build!

This video shows you how to play with the most of marksman hero, such as: Layla, Clint, Miya, and Bruno. If you want to win earlier like this video, one thing that you must concern is your item need to be more powerful than enemies. One trick that your item can be better is you need to farm efficiently and take all of the last hit as much as you can. If you pay attention to my Layla gameplay, I usually use my skills when I'm doing last hit to make sure you get that.

"You Get Last Hit = You Get More Gold"


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