Mobile Legends leaked upcoming skins and events for June 2023 update

There will be a lot of skins and events in Mobile Legends over the next June month. We are all aware that May was filled with a variety of events, including the Shining Star event as well as the All-Superheroes skins event known as the Dawning Stars Event. Along with Novaria, a brand-new hero, and her Basic skin, May also saw the release of a new Collector, Epic skin, and two other Special skins. May has become even more fantastic for players due to these and numerous other factors. So without further ado, let's talk about what we currently know about the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang June 2023 leaks.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Leaked Skins for June 2023​

Mobile Legends June 2023 Starlight Pass​

Paquito Collector skin

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Similar to the previous month, a new collector skin would be released in June. The Fighter-type hero Paquito would be the one to possess this collector skin. Blazing Tiger is the name of the skin, and it's a very cool skin with some really interesting effects for a skin grade designated as Collector. With scorching strikes that will undoubtedly cause adversaries to quake at the sight of his fists, this Collector skin depicts Paquito as a fighter who is exceedingly fierce. For Paquito mains, the Collector skin is definitely worthwhile. Players can select the most essential item from a list of prizes in the Grand collection effect just like always. Players can select either the Clint Collector skin or one of two other Collector grade skins when they reach the highest Super Prize portion.

Thamuz Starlight Skin

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The New Starlight skin for Thamuz would be released in June. With the fascinating effects that the skin offered, the starlight skin would make him appear to be an angelic being. The painted skin, exclusive emotes, exclusively sacred statues, and an exclusive trail effect are just a few of the extra benefits that come with buying the Starlight pass. Due to the incredible rewards offered by this Starlight Pass, it is worthwhile to purchase.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang June 2023 Upcoming Events and Skins​

Exorcist Skins Event​

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The Exorcist Skins event, which will debut in June, is another eagerly anticipated event. The Exorcist skins event, which launched late last year, will probably happen again in June. This event would, however, be making its debut this time with an additional two exorcist skins for heroes, Granger and Hayabusa. The forthcoming Exorcist skins event will also feature earlier prizes, such as the Kagura and Yu Zhong Exorcist skins that debuted in the past. This makes the event rather exciting.

2023 MSC Event​

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The Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) event is another planned occasion. Due to the special event-only MSC branded skins it produces, this event occurs roughly every year. The new Atlas MSC skin, which is also an event-exclusive skin and reward, will appear this time around. Additionally, it would be distinguished by an occasion that would allow players to bypass MSC skins like Pharsa's and Claude's MSC skins.

Another event termed the Shining Star event is anticipated to result from the MSC event. Players may now enjoy the Shining Star event, which made its debut and is currently available on the Global server. Karina's Doom Duelist is one of the several skins in the prize pool for this competition, which also includes:
  • Barats Elite skin
  • Chang’e Basic skin
  • Gatotkaca Basic skin
  • Gord Basic skin, etc.
mlbb5 (1).jpg

Crystal of Aurora, a Trial card skin chest, a Trial card skin of Karina's "Doom Duelist" skin, and even Rare Skin Fragments are available as further rewards. Only the Itzy Collab skins and Voice chat bundles are specified rewards that are assured for any given number of draws.

Anime-Themed Skins Event​

mlbb6 (1).jpg

According to leaks, the heroes Kagura, Edith, and Xavier will soon have access to skins with an anime theme. Although nothing is known about the skins event or the release date, we do know that Studio Ghibli, which is credited with helping to create popular anime like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, served as inspiration for the skins. Players are curious about this new event update while we wait for additional details.

Mobile Legends June 2023 Leaks: Skin Surveys​

Gatotcka Epic Skin​

The forthcoming Gatotcka Epic skin currently has 2 skin surveys open. The likely skin surveys are listed below:
  • This first skin design, FLEET WARDEN, is eerily reminiscent of Yin Sun-Shin's most recent epic skin, also called Fleet Warden.
mlbb7 (1).jpg

  • The Next Survey is called Ancient Warrior, and it has a mysterious and cool appearance that places a lot of focus on his strong hands.

That concludes every leak known for the upcoming June 2023 update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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