Mobile Legends Leaks for April reveals upcoming skins, events, and more

As the month of March is almost over, there’s a lot that’s still happening in the Land of Dawn like the ongoing Transformers event and the Phase 1 of the All-Star event. But since April will start rolling in, let’s talk about Mobile Legends leaks for April.


The game’s only Tank/Marksman hero Edith will be getting a skin this April called “Ancient Warden”. Since her release back in December 2021, this is her first ever skin that will be released for her. Aside from that, other in-game titles for Edith will be released as well like the Sacred Statue, Special Trail, etc.

MLBB X Transformers Crossover Event


The Transformers event will still continue until April which will allow players to have more chances in obtaining the Transformers skins. Two more rounds of recharge rewards will still happen. Players can obtain more tokens for summons through that.

All-Star 515 Event

all star.png

The latest version of the 515 events features the Skin Series called Atomic Pop. Promo diamonds will be available in this event as well. Heroes Miya and Eudora have a skin featured in this event. Get the exclusive Rafaela skin and Hanabi’s All-Star skin through the Moonlit Wish Draw event. More free skins are available in this event. Get it now as the event will last until the last week of April.

Minotaur “Taurus” Zodiac Skin


Starting on April 20th to May 19th, the Minotaur “Taurus” Zodiac skin will be available.

Collector Skin for April 2023 – Cyclops “Yokai Warlock”


The expected collector skin this April will be for Cyclops who is one of the mages that’s not getting picked enough. With the Collector’s skin, the developers hope that players will be picking Cyclops more.

Season 28 First Purchase Skin – Khufra “Iron Hook


Until the end of Season 28, players can obtain Khufra’s “Iron Hook” skin which is released as the First Recharge Reward of this season. To obtain, players must use 100 diamonds by making an in-game transaction using real currency.